More Close Confidantes Of Andrew “Organ Grinder” Cuomo Under Indictment For Corruption

We profiled a Cuomo crony corruption case not more than a week ago.

Here, sir, have another –

Southwest Dutchess-

Joseph Percoco, a former top aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is awaiting sentencing following his conviction on corruption charges earlier this year.

[He] was found guilty of two counts of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and one count of solicitation of bribes or gratuities.

Politico reported that more than 150 pages of letters from friends, family, rabbis and lobbyists have been sent to the court imploring the judge for a light sentence. He will face up to 50 years in prison when he is sentenced.

The bribes were arranged by Todd Howe, another former aide, infamous lobbyist, and close friend of Cuomo, according to court papers.

On the stand during the trial, Howe said that Percoco called the money he received in the “pay-to-play” scheme “ziti,” stating it was a reference to “The Sopranos,” according to a New York Post report. According to the report, before Howe took the stand, prosecutors unsuccessfully lobbied to play a clip from the popular HBO show before he testified.


These are nothing but government mafiosos. The governor is a thug as the day is long. You don’t surround yourself with these types of low-rent gangsters without knowing what they are.

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10 Comments on More Close Confidantes Of Andrew “Organ Grinder” Cuomo Under Indictment For Corruption

  1. Once again, someone needed to be clubbing the ever sanctimonious Chris Cuomo over the head with this on a daily basis. Rush, are you listening? Ms. Ingraham?

  2. Around 27:50 Joey comes up VERY briefly BUT he comes up.

    Assaulting state Troopers is @ 24:45.

    Almost has the lighting and staging from a Godfather movie:

    The ‘third son’ to Mario, Joey P:

    The NY Swamp (NYC and Albany) is as old and deep and infected with mosquitos and monsters as DC is.

    It is a shame, it really is a beautiful state to leave.


  3. Cuomo crime family, anyone surprised? I’d like to know why John Brennan isn’t executed for high treason yet!!

  4. I worked with one of the fellows convicted last week.

    Just like gangs: Saying no to joining can be dangerous. It is almost certainly damaging.

    A NY power broker is just a person who has yet to be busted.

  5. wish they would turn on the crayon eating window licking short bus riding cuomo the homo.

    change parties and vote for lesbian nixon in the primary.

    if he loses the governorship maybe he will be open to prosecution !

  6. Gee! Whoda think that the son of a big time “capo” would run around with gangsters?Hard to believe. Were they sons of his dad’s gang members? Does not say

  7. There was a reason why Mario didn’t grab the ring for the Presidency in ’92, Clinton mentioned the word Mafia in connection to Cuomo.

  8. There was a reason why Mario didn’t run for Presidency in ’92 after Clinton mentioned the word Mafia in connection to Cuomo.


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