More ‘crumbs’: Nancy Pelosi delivers sour, curdled response to blowout jobs report

American Thinker:

House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s trying to impeach President Trump and doesn’t want to be interrupted, knows better than anyone that Friday’s blowout jobs report was crazy good news for President Trump.

RealClearPolitics is running headlines like these:

CNBC’s Jim Cramer: Best Jobs Numbers I’ve Seen In My Life, We Can Win China Trade War With These Numbers

Jobs Report Takeaway: It’s Morning in America

Trump’s Unexpected Jobs Boom Leaves Dems Incoherent

Not a good look for someone who’s trying to overthrow a president.

So…Pelosi reacted to this jobs bonanza party-hearty it’s-raining-jobs fest the same way she reacted to the news that American workers were starting to walk off with $1,000 bonuses, as a direct result of President Trump’s tax cuts.


Remember how bitter Pelosi sounded when she called those worker bonuses “crumbs“?

Now that’s she’s impeachment queen, the jobs blowout make her bitterer still, so she put out this just-like-last-time reaction: MORE HERE

9 Comments on More ‘crumbs’: Nancy Pelosi delivers sour, curdled response to blowout jobs report

  1. She is just upset that on her way over to the press event she stepped in some human feces and ruined her old lady tennis shoes!

  2. 100% of the time she is a rotten, nasty, beach. Hopefully she will be fired after the election. She has fried her own goose,

  3. Jobs? Jobs just get in the way of doing what you want to do – like paint and ride unicycles around Venice Beach while playing your guitar. Sure, Trump is delivering jobs – which should be as popular as delivering vegetables to malnourished inner-city dwellers. Jobs are “responsible” and good for you, but we Democrats are all about fun and destructive hedonism.

    And don’t get me started about peace. Sure, we Democrats are all for peace when we are in power (although when we are in power, we never seem to have peace), but when Republicans control the White House we are all about war. We have no idea where the Ukraine is, but we need to give them military stuff for some reason. For all we liberals know, Kurds are some sort of cheese side dish at fast food restaurants – but these tasty cheesy snacks need to be defended at all costs by our military machine.

    Vote for us, and we’ll make sure to at least try not to do too much damage.

  4. Back six years ago, in December of 2013, Pelosi said this:
    “Economists agree that unemployment benefits remain one of the best ways to grow the economy in a very immediate way.”
    So to her convoluted Democrat logic, high employment is bad news, because fewer people will be earning unemployment benefits.

  5. What’s up with Peelosi’s nose? Her right nostril has some kind of prosthetic snotlocker camouflage going on there


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