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More tax-payer funded HUD drama

Ginnie Mae did not disclose their misconduct even as Kinney and Fender used their former high-profile government jobs to move into other lucrative opportunities.

DailyCaller: Mary Kinney quietly retired last year as Ginnie Mae’s chief operating officer after officials there paid $900,000 to settle a subordinate’s racism complaint against her, then cashed in on her public service experience to land a position in a firm that uses minority status to win non-competitive government contracts.

Kinney — who is caucasian — also claimed the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) picked her for its most prestigious employee award in 2015, after it found out about conduct it called “utterly humiliating” and “race denigrating” toward blacks and determined that “discriminatory malice permeated her mindset.”

But HUD says Kinney is lying about the award nomination.


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  1. wow, the trail on con man david fender caught my eye and is an incredible example of total gov’t incompetence

    and this is the gov’t we need more of, lol

  2. This story seems to indicate that there were incompetent people in positions of high authority within the government.

    On my Surprise-O-Meter there was no registered measurement.

  3. Golly, you don’t suppose this was the kind of thing DJT had in mind when he talked about “draining the swamp”?

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