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Moron Losers Caught on Camera Plotting To Shut Down Deploraball

Two losers talk to a Project Veritas undercover agent and discuss setting of stink bombs and having the sprinklers go off so all the guests at the DC Deploraball celebration go outside into the cold while soaking wet.

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  1. Did these guys march in Selma and get whupped up side the head?
    That excuse/crutch seems to get traction for congressman Lewis.

  2. The next in the series promises to expose who’s behind it FINANCIALLY.
    Looking forward to THAT one!

  3. We may have law and order making a comeback with a Trump administration. It turns out that omar mateen’s wife has finally been arrested by the FBI. So far just charged with obstruction but that could change.

  4. Isn’t setting off a sprinkler system a felony?
    So, we have conspiracy to commit, at least, one felony.
    Stink bombs are probably no worse than Moose and Obola’s breath – or the media’s for that matter (after sucking Moose and Barry’s asses for 8 years) so that probably doesn’t count. Making everyone run out in a panic, though, isn’t that tantamount to yelling “FIRE!” when there isn’t one? Some poor slob could get trampled – attempted mayhem? Criminal negligence? Malicious stupidity?
    Got to be something here.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. These democrat pigs need steel toed boots to the face. It’s time to really start “re-educating” these marxist scumbags.

  6. Anyone want to bet on whether this is covered by any of the cable “news” orgs?

    Good to know that law enforcement is seeking to press charges. Hope each of these guys and everyone else involved will be standing in front of the judge soon. The National Press Club will be interested. It would be incredibly expensive to recover from a ruined HVAC system and water damage. All upholstered furniture, cubicle walls, carpet, ceiling panels,electronics would be ruined.

  7. Clueless young dupes.

    They think “The Revolution!” will be fun and cool, like V For Vendetta.

    The Left must be eradicated.
    This indoctrination chain must be smashed.
    Starting with K-12 and continuing through all Universities accepting Federal money.

  8. Project Veritas doing what law enforcement, DOJ, DHS, FBI and the ATF have refused to do for 8 years.

    The non-political, professional FBI will find these anarchists are just careless, no indictment, no prosecution.

  9. Butyric acid is one of the worst smelling substances–you get the smallest amount on you, it is difficult (very difficult) to get off. I, unfortunately, know this from personal experience and clumsiness in high school chemistry.
    My guess is that Soros is funding this.

  10. Meanwhile, I would love to know what happened to the six DC policemen who were found on social media saying they wouldn’t protect Trump or his fammily. I heard a radio report last week that they were suspended, but nothing else. Like names, or for how long. Now I’m wondering if their uniforms are locked up somewhere..

  11. Stink bombs, cough-ins, fart-ins, ooooh, what’s next? The old bucket of water on a rope over the door jamb? How about rubber snakes & spiders tied to the chandeliers that drop on cue? Or the piece de resistance – toss a flaming bag of revolutionaries feces on the dance floor?

    These dung droppings haven’t met President Trump’s DOJ yet.

    Luke Kuhn appears to be conceived of a sister/brother love affair. Deep set, too close together, squinty eyes, mental patient bangs – and that voice, oh that voice.

  12. Now normal Americans know their faces. If they aren’t sent to prison, I forsee some serios ass kickings in their future. They look like sissies.

  13. I suspect these guys will get nothing, after it’s the DC police we are talking about. Most of them are in the bag for the Dems and wouldn’t raise a billy club to help a conservative being mugged by a gang of the inner city dwellers. Then again, I suspect maybe more then a few are a little concerned about Trump stepping in to the big chair. You got to figure if he thinks the DC police aren’t doing their jobs then he’s going to do something about it.

  14. Those two turds are sitting around wondering how they’re going to get their asses out of this sling. Arrest them now. Take that smirky smiling one and let Bubba have at him.

  15. Domestic terrorists. Pretty soon we will have this
    thing called an Attorneys General. They like to
    enforce law. I know that sounds crazy as shit, but
    they used to do it.
    Really, I’m serious!

  16. Apparently Luke Kuhn was well known to D.C. LO back in 2008. According to the report, Luke age 45, a bicycle messenger, was raided at his elderly mothers home where he resided in either the garage or basement.
    Hope the link works – Comments are golden.
    Funny how investigations of these domestic terrorists ceased after 2008.

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