Moron NFL Player Does Idiotic “Snow Angel” Next to Quarterback He Just Injured – IOTW Report

Moron NFL Player Does Idiotic “Snow Angel” Next to Quarterback He Just Injured

Injuring someone is part of the game. It happens. Doing what this shithead did was never part of the game. These theatrics are asinine and are designed to “humiliate” the other team.

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  1. I think Nick Foles need to shoot a couple offensive lineman in the lower extremities. I stopped watching Pro Football a long time ago because of the show boat crap.

    Vince Lombardi, 1967, “Act like you’ve been here before”.

  2. I really wish I could go back and do a snow-angel next to George Floyd when he was on the ground.
    I guarantee that black dude had some kind of “stop racism” bullshit on his helmet.

    Yes, Loco is in that kind of mood tonight…

  3. “Kayvon Thibodeaux snow angles next to a dead Nick Foles is messed up but really funny”

    Really funny if you’re a dick.
    Nick Foles is a class act who won a Superbowl in a notable way a few years back.
    “Kayvon” most likely beats his fo or fye baby-mommas.

  4. That’s more NFL than I’ve watched all this season. I couldn’t care less about what a bunch of millionaire, racist blacks do. Fucking disgusting.

    There are lots of ways to go with my comment but the fact is living among these animals is a crap shoot. I choose to totally avoid them.

  5. The degree in which the Negro lags behind the Caucasian in creating and applying the material and spiritual agencies of progress will constitute the “white man’s burden;”
    It is true that, in accordance with the Negro Bell Curve which is to the left of the white Bell Curve in just about everything except aggression, there are not many blacks with agenda except drugs & crime.
    Negros, browns, and every other dark-skinned humanoid-looking ape share one similarity to other wild animals: they are very dangerous.
    But if you live in the capitol city, AIDS research officials said the number of people effected is staggering.“Downtown Atlanta is as bad as Zimbabwe or Harare or Durban,” said Dr. Carlos del Rio, co-director of Emory University’s Center for AIDS Research.
    Racial integration has been very harmful for the people living in the USA, exactly as was predicted by racially conscious leaders in the 1960s, when the integrationist insanity began.

  6. NFL has been dead to us since Kaepernick took a knee. Same for Nike. Everything Nike in our house was dropped off at a blue tarp subdivision under an I-5 bridge. Nike is appropriate for bums.

  7. @Kcir January 1, 2023 at 11:37 pm

    > Nick Foles is a … a Christian.


    > Nick Foles is a GOOD Person

    He’s serving the NFL. No. He can not be.

  8. Why do so many NFL players have such … umm … “unique” names?

    Because most people would rather see Kayvon catch a football than see Doctor Kayvon about a cardiac arrhythmia.

  9. I still watch the NFL on occasion. Especially to watch Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers lead a bunch of negros to victory. I’m reminded of…
    Black is beautiful,
    Brown is grand,
    But white is the color,
    Of the Big Boss Man…

  10. BIPOC explains everything in a nutshell. I recall reading about a coach who wouldn’t run his athlete against Jesse Owens, reportedly saying ‘you wouldn’t run a man against a horse would you?’. That was way back when segregation was still a thing. That coach had the same mentality the goons that came up with BIPOC have. The snow angel performer gives an insight to what happens when BIPOC are humored over a period of time. He is also evidence that the lowest common denominator always rules in a group of people left to behave as they will. This relates to the ditty Badco relates, which I saw first, appropriately, on an outhouse wall on a construction site many years ago. There’s a reason for everything.


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