Mother of 19-Year-Old Fatally Shot in Seattle’s ‘No Cop Zone’ Sues City Over Handling of ‘CHOP’


The mother of a young man who was gunned down last summer in Seattle’s autonomous zone, also known as “CHOP” (Capitol Hill Organized Protest)—has sued the city for its handling of the zone.

Donnitta Sinclair, the mother of the victim, 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson, said in a federal civil-rights lawsuit officials’ negligence in allowing law enforcement to abandon the Seattle Police Department’s (SPD) East Precinct and surrounding areas invited “lawlessness and … a foreseeable danger” that contributed to her son getting fatally shot, the Seattle Times reported.

The autonomous zone was tolerated by city officials for weeks before they eventually shut it down on July 1 following the murders of Anderson and another black 16-year-old man. read more

18 Comments on Mother of 19-Year-Old Fatally Shot in Seattle’s ‘No Cop Zone’ Sues City Over Handling of ‘CHOP’

  1. Rat Pelosi and her pack are deliberately stirring up racial tension in order to justify removing America freedoms in order to gain power and wealth for themselves. Instead of looking, try observing a little closer to their actions.

  2. Why was the kid there if he was “special needs”? Do they always print ugly t-shirts when someone steps into harms way?

  3. Sorry, sweetheart, he was an adult, he alone was responsible for his bad choices, and going into CHOP was a really really bad decision.

    This is what happens when municipalities dole out ridiculous payouts like the George Floyd payout, every low-rent mom who loses their thug offspring to elements of a lifestyle they freely chose now expects a similar golden ticket.

    The victim mentality that has infected a large segment of our culture never looks within, takes zero responsibility and expects society to clean up their messes.

  4. Offhand, I would think property owners of destroyed properties in this area would have as much success in court as this mother will.

    Which is to say, very little or none. Possible but not probable.

  5. …I saw part of a game show in the break room the other day where a woman won a trip to Seattle.

    She looked fairly normal, but she was happy to win it.

    …for the life of me, I can’t imagine WHY…

  6. I just walked through downtown Seattle 2 nights ago at 1am to get from the ferry terminal to the train to SeaTac.

    Looked like something out of Escape from New York. Not a fucking cop in sight. And me without my carry. Fuck me.

  7. RIch Taylor, ditto. (And Anonymous. Yes. Sue the perps.)

    Supreme Court precedent is that cops do not have a duty to act.

  8. @ ǝpɐɥsʇɥɓᴉuɹǝdnS MAY 1, 2021 AT 10:59 AM

    I was at a hockey game in the 1990’s and won two nights at the Best Western in Fife WA. Back in the 1990’s that Fife was a good place to wake up dead. Today it would be much better than Seattle… here’s the kicker – Fife is just as bad as it ever was, to refer to Seattle as a third world shithole is to do injustice to third world shitholes.

  9. Taxpayers gonna take it up the ass – deservedly.

    Take back your city, people.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Seattle, Portland San Francisco, all used to be the crown jewels of the West Coast, safe, picturesque, vibrant cities with a thousand different things to do on a Sunday morning. Now they provide a flowing tapestry of progressivism, ulcerous syphilitic cesspools, a graveyard of individuality, cities of misery and despair.

  11. “There was no safety, there was no security. This whole region was completely abandoned and this special needs kid, basically, was put into a dangerous situation,” he said. ”

    Yeah, liberals, marxists, commies aren’t worried about your special needs.
    As a matter of fact, special needs kids are used world wide by terrorists as suicide bombers.

  12. @ rich taylor MAY 1, 2021 AT 12:38 PM

    In the 1960s and 70s we visited all of those cities regularly and I recognized where their bullshit would lead.

    My mother called me a reactionary at the age of ten. In 2017, a year before she passed away she said to me: You know all of the political stuff we argued over?
    You were almost always right.
    I know.

    This has been brewing for a long time. Anyone with any sense could see where it would lead if allowed to continue to its inevitable conclusion.


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