Mother Who Dressed As Witch In Order To Terrorize Her Children Gets Life in Prison

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A 51-year-old woman who dressed as a witch named Nelda to “repeatedly torture” her 7-year-old granddaughter received three life sentences Thursday, the Oklahoman reports. Geneva Robinson of Oklahoma City pleaded guilty to five counts of felony child abuse. The assistant DA says Robinson’s granddaughter spent months living in a “house of horrors” in 2014. Robinson would scratch the girl’s neck, hit her with a rolling pin, cut her hair while she slept, whip her, burn her, use a dog leash to hang her from the ceiling by her arms, and imply she was going to eat her. She did all this while dressed up as a witch named Nelda.

A cellphone video shows Nelda grabbing the girl while her crying siblings watch, KWTV reports. The girl begs Nelda for mercy. Robinson’s boyfriend, 33-year-old Joshua Granger, says Nelda was meant to keep the children from misbehaving. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of felony child abuse for dressing up as a demon named Coogro and helping Robinson.


Earlier today I received a video from a tipster where the parents terrorize their kids with a “prank” about invisible ink.

Unless the kids are in on this, and this is just a way to fool viewers so they make money on Youtube, how is this not mental abuse?

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  1. And thank God “Nelda” and her deranged boyfriend lived in Oklahoma where they’ll actually be punished appropriately. Had this taken place in New York, “Nelda” would have been out of jail in a week.
    By the way, that “51” has to be a misprint. I don’t know any women in their 50s that look THAT old.

  2. That video is damn sick. I hope they get a visit from social services. Poor kids have such bad parents. I’ve never felt so lucky in my life.
    Thanks, Mom and Dad.

  3. I’ve got a real problem with parents dropping the f-bomb and swearing at their kids like that. Aside from the induced hysteria (gotta think this is a ‘normal’ way of managing family friction).

    Nelda & co? Good luck you sick freaks. The video “parents”? Twisted freaks who have never heard of emotional stability or dealing with conflict sanely. They’ll all probably be on police beat one day.

  4. There is something wrong here. Were those children adopted by these two idiots? Are they getting State money to raise these children? They do not look like natural parents of a large family.
    I’m just asking. As a parent of three, I cannot believe they are natural parents.

  5. Wouldn’t be surprised when those boys grow up if they blow “mommy” and “daddy” away in the middle of the night with a shotgun ala the Menendez brothers. Child abuse leaves permanent scars.

  6. Is that really how they speak to their children? This is so sad, how can they feel safe if their parents refuse to even hear them or believe them when they’re falsely accused. This is abuse, no body should be yelled at and cursed at like that. Especially for a “prank”. The parents must really hate their children.

  7. Perfect illustration of why our current generation, of children, is so ‘confused’. School indoctrinates them and parents abuse them. Facebook and games are their only refuge. So, so sad.

    Are games their only constant and secure reality?

  8. SO… Do some still doubt that demonic possession and oppression exist or what? ‘nah, man, it was just like, mental illness.’ Sure, okay. Sometimes this kind of thing reminds me of how people also respond to Islamic terror, ‘It wasn’t the RELIGION, it’s their LIFE STYLE.’

  9. RohsalindJ–Thank-you for your suggestion of flagging the video (the invisible ink one). I went there and did just that. Another disturbing thing is that the video had more “up” votes than “down” votes. What is wrong with people? (rhetorical) Yes, I have no doubt that pure evil exists.

  10. “… one count of felony child abuse for dressing up as a demon named Coogro …”

    Well, what if he’da dresst up as a demon named Neegro?

    or boogro? or yo-ma-bro?

  11. Oh my these people are sick. I could only watch both vids for a few seconds. The invisible ink parents need to be paid a visit from law enforcement.

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