Mother works the pole at all-nude strip club while 3 year-old daughter roams the parking lot

The girl was taken away by child custody.


Responding to a 911 call about the unsupervised child, police found the girl–crying and confused–alone outside the all-nude Vegas Cabaret in Lauderhill, a Broward County city, around 2 AM.

The child had apparently been sleeping inside a Toyota Corolla that was not running and had a window cracked open for ventilation. In the rear of the car, cops reported, were toys and a car seat.

Around 2:30 AM, Manouchika Daniels, 23, approached officers and identified herself as the child’s mother. According to police, Daniels had left her daughter unattended in the parking lot for about three hours.


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25 Comments on Mother works the pole at all-nude strip club while 3 year-old daughter roams the parking lot

  1. Trying to be a good mother. Tax free cash job. Section eight housing. Looking for new baby daddy to give her children structure. Even had the sense not to take a minor into a strip club so as not to contribute to said child’s delinquency. Even uses a car seat. Can’t we cut her a break?

  2. @ livingthecovelife SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 AT 3:40 PM
    “Please take note: Not Florida.
    Thank you. 😉”

    From the article: “…a Florida strip club…”

  3. GM,
    I see what you did there. “Tip”. That’s probably how she got preggers in the first place. “Just the tip, darlin’, just the tip”.

  4. @Tony R September 21, 2019 at 3:54 pm
    What?! A sad turn of events my friend. Las Vegas Cabaret … in Broward Co. Well, crap.
    Thanks for the good looking out. Not so thanks for popping my temporary balloon. lol

  5. That’s torture for a three year-old. The thought of torturing children causes an instant knot in my stomach along with anger. Single parenting will do that to you.

  6. Okay, I gotta ask. What is it with all the body piercing and forget about even going to the tats? Can anyone here explain it to me?

    When I see somebody with the “man bun” and the discs in his ears I’m really at a loss for understanding, other than it being sure to prevent ever holding a good job and having any career path. Is that the answer or focus? What have you got beyond barista, hair dresser or working in the tattoo parlor?

  7. I always laugh when I see strippers depicted in Hollywood movies and TV shows as working girls doing their best to get by. In reality, strippers are the worst kinds of people imaginable, and under no circumstances do you want to have one of these assholes in your life if you can possibly avoid it.

  8. I have to think this young woman meant her child no harm and was doing what she thought best given her circumstances. The toddler was not left in the tub to drown while her mother shot up, or had herion placed on her gums to make her sleep and instead kill her – two situations recently in the news. For all the virtue signalling people do about caring for the down trodden this woman probably with some guidance, and a chance, would make a good mother. From the story it seems as though her insticts are there to do the right thing. She probably never had a solid family guide her and instead of giving her a felony sentence, jail time, and taking her daughter away show her how to do it right. Is that not what our governmental safety nets are for?

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