Mr. Pinko says: “THANK YOU CLOCK BOY!” – IOTW Report

Mr. Pinko says: “THANK YOU CLOCK BOY!”

Although neighbors of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik recently noticed “suspicious activity” they were afraid to report it because they didn’t want to be accused of profiling.

OR risk a $15 million lawsuit? – THANK YOU CLOCK BOY!

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10 Comments on Mr. Pinko says: “THANK YOU CLOCK BOY!”

  1. Once again we van lay these murders right at Obama’s feet.

    The minute President Shit Midas came out and said don’t worry a week ago, I knew there would be some kind of muzzie terror attack.

  2. You mean he’s being “radicalized” over there?

    All the more reason not to let that little sh!t back in the US.

    You see what Pooky Farooky did when he came back to the USSA.

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