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Ted Cruz gets snippy with ICE director

cruz yelling at ICE director

WaExaminer: …”You mentioned a minute ago that ICE could deport the 12 million people here illegally. Why is not doing so?” Cruz asked. “Why is it not enforcing the law?”

saldana ICE director

“We’re talking about billions and billions of dollars to do that,” Saldana answered. “That is not practical, and quite frankly, not very smart.”

Cruz pounced, “Okay, it’s not smart, to enforce federal law that requires those here illegally to be deported?”

“You’re playing games with words, Senator Cruz,” Saldana responded. “And I’m trying help the American public and this committee.”

“By ignoring the law?” Cruz replied. “You are not helping the American public by ignoring the law.” [Read more / Watch video here]


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  1. …or at least for VP is Trump wins the primaries.

    By the way, look at who our Kenyan Communist Moslem-In-Chief put in charge of Immigration. A beaner! That’s like appointing a criminal to be the police chief. Of course Saldana isn’t going to enforce the deportation laws! The illegal criminal immigrants are her peeps.

  2. “I’m trying help the American public and this committee.”–Senora Saldana

    “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”–Ronald Reagan

  3. You need to view this in a practical sense, if you spend your budget enforcing the law, there will be no money left for bonuses for the top staff. Come on, lets get with the big picture. sarc.

  4. The amount of TAX PAYER PAID free federal bennies these lawbreakers sign up for, is far greater, than the amount of money it would take to send them back.

    I received one of those how much it costs, to keep illegals here, emails yesterday … 338.5 billion ANNUALLY

  5. it’s a lot more than $$, it’s about multi-culti, cultural marxism. We are fast approaching a tipping point with the help of all the media (including all your favorite tee vee series) where we go from being the culture of the United States of AMERICA to being an aggregate of hundreds of sub-cultures who are at constant war with each other, don’t speak each others’ languages, jerking the tug-of-war rope and jockeying for position on “America’s Most Oppressed.”

  6. She was chosen for that position by the demoncraps because they knew she wouldn’t do the job that position should be doing, and that she would keep the people under her from doing their jobs. How about fire her, and hire someone who CAN do the job – once the traitors are out of office when President Trump takes over.

  7. I’d like to see a clips showing all the bureaucrats who have stated “That is not smart” “what difference does it make” “I plead the Fifth Amendment” “I don’t recall” to a Senator or Congressman during a Congressional Hearing or policy review.

    Let’s go back to LBJ and finish with O’bamalamadingdong appointees to date.

  8. A beaner eh? Since when has the ancestry of the person in charge mattered in this position. This beaner has been in service for thirty years since the old legacy INS commissioners to the current DHS Secretary and have seen them all tow the line and become political hacks instead of Apolitical agency advocates. Hell, I still remember then INS Commissioners Bozell donning a big sombrero and celebrating the inception of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control act that President Reagan signed into law.

  9. Cruz is a typical RINO. He changed his tune when he saw Trump getting support. Cruz supported H1B Visas, no border wall, amnesty, the Trans Pacific trade deal, etc. Today the Republicans and Democrats are exactly alike.

    The majority of the people in this country still think mainstream media tells the truth. Some still vote for candidates in their party only regardless of how awful the party candidate is. People do not research, do not look for unbiased sources, etc.

    Obama is giving Yale $50 million to turn all black. Obama has given billions to other countries, as have past presidents and also the Congress and Senate. But they refuse to pay to enforce our laws. Billions are being spent to prop up Obama Care. That is so wrong on so many levels. I wish people would vote these idiots our of office instead of re electing them over and over.

  10. Yep, you got to come out of the blocks wide open, it’s a sprint, not a marathon. Changing your tactics after people know your previous stance, no way to win a race.

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