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Talitha Kum

Named for a phrase from the Bible, when Jesus directed, “Little girl, I say to you, get up,” Talitha Kum is an organization of Catholic nuns who fight prostitution and sex trafficking by going undercover and infiltrating brothels to free those enslaved and being exploited.

Nuns on the street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Some say that by purchasing the trafficked, Talitha Kum is helping to create a market that just keeps the trade going.

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  1. Interesting. I heard about the same kind of hurting the ones you want to help when a friend told me she did NOT want to get a puppy from a NO-KILL rescue shelter. She reasoned that animals in a no kill shelter were safe, so she should patronize a shelter that sometimes euthanized dogs.

  2. Lets calculate:
    20 million trafficked girls and boys worldwide

    Talitha Kum has just a few locations and who knows, maybe rescues 1000-10000 sex slaves a year and somebody would say that THEY are driving the human trafficking trade?

    The sexual deviants who purchase sex (aka Johns) drive the market and anybody who blames rescued children is fire trucked in the head. IMHO

  3. Kind of like the detachment and disregard obama and the current DC crowd as they purposely run our country into the ground and try to create a civil war for their own wealth and power.

    I think the disregard and detachment is no longer that hard for us to believe – we just don’t understand it because we’re not criminally insane.

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