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  1. Pinko, Paleaze. I’m not going there. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly support the Israelies, but damn, that’s like my formative years. I’d rather hear stuff they would normally perform relative to their religion.

  2. Y’mean they’re allowed to play and sing in front of FEMALE JUDGES?

    What was that, “Israel’s Got Talent?”

    Won’t judge the performance because I never much cared for the Eagles anyway, but I listened to most of it hoping for a badass 8 or 12 bar solo from the twelve-string, but no such luck.

    I wonder if they can do any Flatt & Scruggs; e.g. “Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms?”

  3. Boobie, Leon Russell AKA Hank Wilson does a great cover of Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms from his album Hank Wilson’s Back from the mid 70’s. It’s one of my favorite country and western albums ever and I still listen to it and his other albums as Hank Wilson on Spotify.

  4. Geoff- More thanks. Turns out there were FOUR Hank Wilson albums.
    Are the others anywhere near equal to the first?

    Oh, and re: “…Sweet Baby’s Arms,” that rendition just gets better as it goes along.

  5. I was watching that barometer on the side and said to myself, “if the guitarists are even half decent it’s gonna shoot up at that point.”
    But the guitarists nailed it. Nice!

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