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MSNBC Analyst on England terror attack: Explosion Sound Could Be ‘Gas-Filled Balloon’

Newsbusters: Early Monday evening as details of a loud explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England were first rolling in, something obviously very wrong as MSNBC’s chyron was reporting “at least 20 dead.” But for the network’s Law Enforcement Analyst Jim Cavanaugh on Hardball, the terrifying noise could have been anything, including a very loud balloon popping as he told host Chris Matthews.

Shortly before Matthews brought Cavanaugh on the program, he played video from the dash cam of a vehicle outside of the Manchester arena that caught the sound of the blast. The sound was very deep and rumbled for a time, the owner of the vehicle could also be heard saying “no” in response to the sound. Along with the sound, a very bright orange flash can be seen on the left side of the image through a sunroof.

Cavanaugh, having listened to the video, thought that it could possibly have been a balloon or something else:  more here

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  1. Always worried that something big will turn out to be nothing, and everybody will laugh at them, and their credibility will be destroyed.

    Well, not always. There’s that whole thing about Russia.

  2. Fox News was going on and on about a “possible” explosion last night no indication of anyone hurt or dead. I pickup my tablet and refresh the page for zerohedge, the top headline is 20 Dead, 100’s Injured.

    Roger isn’t dead a week and Fox News already jumped the shark.

  3. Another buffoon on full display. BTW, MRC had a quote from him that says “glass filled” balloon–that gave me a strange visual. I realize he said gas filled but…
    Praying for all the people who were killed and hurt. After listening to their PM this morning, I am not sure anything is going to change in England. She did say terrorist but never qualified.

  4. “…blasted footage from dish cam…”
    Matthews is no better than the hired mouth who doesn’t want to jump ahead of facts, yet offers his own “causes” just the same. Why not just say “WE DON’T KNOW YET” and leave it at that, you stupid monkeys?

  5. “Oh please let it be anything other than what we all know it is the minute it happens.” New low to go after kids. Now they’ll move on to the lone wolf storyline, nothing to see here, just another mentally ill Muslim with a suicide vest.

  6. Who gives a damn what reporters think? Report the real news for once. Who’s up next to tell us what’s going on in the world, how about a Kardashian because opinionated news is at the top of the list for the viewers.

  7. Yes, I will watch intently Tingles Sialorrheac and his retired BATFE baby burner. How about hauling the entire network off to the landfill in a cattle trailer?

  8. Easy and cheap to fill airtime with old retired nobodies on Skype.
    Cheaper even than assembling a panel of 5 nobodies in makeup making pointless chatter.

    There’s now a whole “news” workforce, from new hires at 22 to 40’s managers, who believe talking heads are “news” and don’t know/can’t conceive of anything better.

  9. If I hear “This time they targeted children” one more time, I am going to puke. WTF do they think the the muslims have been doing to children for years in Rotherham and elsewhere in Britain??

    For the British Government to act shocked and angered that children were targeted last night, when the same government covered up and excused muslims raping and pimping girls for years, just boggles the mind.

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