MSNBC: Biden Trying to Win Nomination with ‘Obama Mask’

That sounds kinda racist.


MSNBC pundit Jason Johnson said this week that former Vice President Joe Biden cannot win the nomination by just putting on “this Obama mask” and think that will be enough to win party’s critical black voters.

The Root’s political editor noticed that Biden did not attend last weekend’s Essence Fest—“one of the largest collections of African-American women of all classes, levels, and education sizes”—and argued that he cannot take the black vote for granted. MORE

7 Comments on MSNBC: Biden Trying to Win Nomination with ‘Obama Mask’

  1. Essence Fest????

    I bet that essence was heavily competing with the aroma from the


  2. I think Biden is going to win. They gave all they had during the debate, he had a bad week reminiscing about his old racist buddies – and he just dipped a little in the polls, still holding a strong lead. It continues to fascinate and entertain me that the Dems are going to choose an old, white, racist groper of females to be their presidential nominee.

  3. Joe Biden…
    Identifies Trump as the “enemy”,
    Joe doesn’t want to be elected anyway,
    He wants to see the enemy up close,
    Look in the mirror, aresole!


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