UCLA Professor Faces 200+ Year Sentence for Smuggling Tech to China


Former University of California professor Yi-Chi Shih has been found guilty on 18 federal charges for funneling American military technology to China.

The 64-year-old electrical engineer has been found guilty of handing stolen U.S. military technology to the Chinese government. Now he faces several lifetimes’ worth of time in a federal prison. Shih’s co-defendant, Kiet Ahn Mai, already pleaded guilty to smuggling charges in December 2018.

The former Los Angeles professor posed as a customer in order to obtain the “monolithic microwave integrated circuits” (MMICs) used in missiles and aircraft on China’s behalf. He was paid for his efforts, which — obviously — he did not choose to report for income tax purposes. read more

13 Comments on UCLA Professor Faces 200+ Year Sentence for Smuggling Tech to China

  1. Chinese people in the US have been sending technology back to China for decades starting with the foreign exchange student program.

  2. Imagine how many taitors out there who haven’t been caught. Just look at bill clinton and his chi-comm activities. And dianne feinstein. And mcconnell and his wife elaine chao.

  3. Why are foreigners allowed into positions where they can access government and/or technical materials. Are the powers that be really that frikken stupid? (Already know the answer)

  4. Chicom bastard.
    Let me and Burr have him.
    We’ll introduce him to the endless Arizona desert, and by the end of day one he’ll wish we had given him to the Apache women.

  5. Ucla and the rest of us academia love giving these jobs to foreigners vs us citizens. Diversity dontchaknow. Traitors

  6. Us university student and faculty bodies are bursting at the seams w chinese. They shove aside opportunities for us students and professors. It is disgusting


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