MSNBC Gun Poll Backfires

It went something like this:

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  1. A lot of minute men, and some founding fathers gave up their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today. And now we have a group of malcontents willing, ready, and able to give those freedoms away. They forgot something important. It’s not a Democracy. It’s a Republic you fing weak sisters bitches. Come and get my gun. I have friends.

  2. PS, Kid Greta is not Jesus, she is the devil. Just look at her pictures since she’s been here. Frightening. Straight out of a Gregory Peck movie. The evil bitch.

  3. According to Rushbo, the Dems are freaking out because Beto let “their little secret out”, the
    “Oh, we are not about taking away your guns” non argument.

    IOW, “you asshole Beto, you gave away the dam play!!” – football speak for those in Rio Linda…

  4. even better than i had hoped. The enemies of our country better leave or learn what 92% of us already know.

    Its a dead horse democrats but do what you do best.

    Whip it, whip it good.

  5. Leftist useful idiots have no idea how they’re being manipulated. Obama sons, illegals, and nut jobs are racking up all the tragic gun statistics. However, highly emotional useful idiots are attacking reasonable, logical, legal, and responsible gun owners who’ve had their backgrounds investigated by Law Enforcement.

  6. The lunatic fringe is just that: a small, violent, noisy bunch of narcissistic brats that will go to any lengths to have things their way.
    Have we tried a severe beating and sent to their rooms without supper?


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