MSNBC joins CNN in starting to take a critical look at the impeachment farce

American Thinker:

Cable news channels, like battleships, take a lot of time and distance to turn around, but Dem impeachment fanatics no longer have reliably safe spaces on CNN and MSNBC.  Yesterday, I pointed out a rare instance of CNN daring to call out lies about President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky by two Dem congresscritters, one of them the ever prominent Sheila Jackson Lee.

Today, MSNBC joins the Zucker-run propaganda outlet in starting to hedge its bets and, believe it or not, making St. James Comey look like a fool.

Daniel Chaitin reports at the Examiner:

MSNBC host Ari Melber scolded former FBI Director James Comey for how he publicly spread one of the most salacious allegations in British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier, which was picked apart by a Justice Department inspector general report. MORE

25 Comments on MSNBC joins CNN in starting to take a critical look at the impeachment farce

  1. the state run media drove the getaway car & conspired to overthrow a duly elected president

    they’re as guilty as the alphabet agencies

  2. They’re stalling! This is just to hold things off until the dems and media can get their new conspiracy together and start round two.

  3. The problem is the business model where you lie constantly. Everybody knows they’re lies and everybody knows that everybody knows. Sure, there are some who want to hear lies, but after awhile, it all gets monotonous even to the kool-aid drinkers. Without lots of Soros cash, the whole thing implodes.

  4. They’ve seen the BREXIT slaughter. I think we’ll now see the MSM trying to rein in the far left.

    Good luck with that.

  5. Their musloid friends call it “taqiyya” and “kitman”.
    They’ll be trying to set up a “hudna” next. And, they’ll probably succeed in fooling those who like to be fooled for the sake of their ideology.

  6. @LasloTE ~ that’s an insult to the WWF

    … at least they’re honest about their product & actually define it as ‘entertainment’

    btw, hope you’re right about the ‘tipping point’

  7. @deplorable

    That’s for sure. Right now, they are looking like rats on a doomed ship sniffing the air and looking all around to try to figure out what to do. Some are at the edge, seriously calculating their chances of survival if they jump. Others are holding back to see if the front-runners make it. A bunch more think its too early, but are keeping it open as an option. The last group is vowing to stay on board and go down with the ship if need be.

    But they are all dishonorable rats on a doomed ship.

  8. uh, ok … we’ll swallow it … just like ‘New Coke’

    fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

    … fool me more & I should be allowed to have my ass kicked every day & enjoy it

    y’all ain’t fooled me since the Kennedy’s

  9. LOL!! And LOL some more!!!

    As much as the media have been lying for and supporting the Left lo these many decades, they’re discovering that crime doesn’t pay and neither do criminals. And for all that communism they’ve been pushing, they forgot the fundamental FACT that their business model only works under tried and true capitalism. No viewers, no ad dollars, no revenue, no Christmas bonus. LOL!!! Idiots.

  10. An epiphany? Two epiphanies? A Christmas miracle?

    Or, maybe, just maybe… The Demsheviks have tied the bow on their impeachment project. So there’s no need to keep feeding their girl (of all genders) friends substantially marginally totally unverifiable true “leaks”. And harpies gotta harp. Until next Tuesday.

  11. Just covering their asses. They’re irrelevant, toxic bullshit, never to be trusted or indulged again, in any way. Not even a free hot dog.

  12. @Abigail

    Wikipedia comes to mind. Always asking for donations to keep it alive.

    I get fed up with ads like everybody does, but it keeps the media going. And I usually ignore them. But for the media, it’s how they manage to pay their bills. It’s part of free enterprise.

    Wikipedia is like a smelly, dirty, bedraggled homeless person on the corner always asking for handouts. When I see Wikipedia asking for donations, I keep thinking: allow ads if you want to survive, you idiot!

  13. @Tim Buktu; To be fair Wikipedia only does their money plead a few times a year and while its a pain in the ass it’s no worse then the legendary PBS money begs that turn a 60 minute show into 100 minute marathon. Having said that I’d be happy with a few ads as well and advertisers would love them because they could one-time target the audience without having to know who they are or their search history. After all, if somebody goes to wiki for a particular subject you have to know somebody has something to sell about it whatever it is.

    As far as CNN and MSNBC and the rest starting to reverse course it’s only because of lost revenue (falling farther behind in ratings), the possibility of competition like OAN getting a major financial backer and opening an actual, non-partisan cable news service and finally a re-elected Donald Trump with majorities in both houses and actual Judges on SCOTUS looking for a little payback.


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