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Music Teacher With Dementia Improvises On Four Notes, It Becomes Full Blown Classic

Herald Scotland

An 80-year-old former music teacher, who now suffers from dementia, has stolen the nation’s heart with his incredible musical improvisation. 

A video of Paul Harvey shows him improvising a piece of music around four notes, selected at random by his son, Nick.

Since then, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra has recorded an orchestral arrangement to accompany Mr Harvey’s performance – creating an incredibly moving piece that is intended to show the healing power of music. More

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  1. The English language does not contain adequate words to describe emotional content. That was amazing and incredible!!!

  2. My dear brother passed away from dementia in August. The last couple of years he was no longer able to sing or play the guitar, but hearing old, familiar hymns moved him to tears until the very end. Music speaks to our hearts.

  3. Lost my dad four years ago today to Alzheimer’s. Brilliant anesthesiologist, head of the department for 40 years. But even still at the end he could remember lyrics to When The Red Red Robin Goes Bob Bobbin’ Along, and You Are My Sunshine. This really helped me through a tough day today. Thanks.

  4. My MIL died with Alzheimers. The last time my wife sat with her, she sang her mother’s favorite hymns to her. My MIL had long lost the power of speech, but she could mumble along with my wife as she sang. Music is so powerful to the human soul. I believe it is why we are told to sing to God, as nothing can connect with us the same way.

  5. My mother suffered for years with dementia and it broke our hearts. But in the midst of our pain there was amazement and gratitude– she may have forgotten many people and things, but she knew every word to her favorite songs. As she lay dying, we played all her favorites in the hope it provided her some comfort.

  6. Glenn Campbell was another example of how music and the ability to play never leaves the soul. Maybe music IS the soul… who knows.

  7. Will someone please buy the man some piano tuning? I almost turned it off on his piano intro, it sounded so out of tune.

  8. I used to play traditional Irish tunes for my mom, and I could see the twitch of the leg get going. Like an electrical reaction…of sorts, a charge.

    Miss ya mom…

    Breathe deep.

    Now that said, when I saw the headline I thought he was going to be in a more advanced state of dementia.

    None the less, that was BRILLIANT as the English say…

    And this proves ya never really lose ‘it’.

  9. Aaron, but in my case, the headline will read “RETIRED ENGINEER CURED OF PIANO PLAYING AFTER BECOMING DEMENTED!”

    But, even so, I’m still playing – but often times wondering “WHY?” I guess it keeps memories alive – and it’s still fun.

    How about Mr. Pianamusic?


    Seriously…retired engineer? The hell aren’t you out here helping me work on cars?

  11. So Biden has some form of dementia. Don’t blame him for being in the position that he is in now.

    BLAME the ASSHOLES, family and others around him, the media pundits that prop him up, that continue this charade.

    The thing is Joe Biden is their Last Stand and they know it, so they are ALL in, so therefore we have to be.

    I talked to my Indian merchant at the card store today and asked him who he was voting for. I just had to remind him as a businessman he should vote for a business man.

    He got it.

    He is conservative by his nature, it’s a FAMILY business. I know the wife, the son and the new daughter in law…good peeps.

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