Musk Delivering Red Pills to Masses; Notes U.S. Use of Social Media to Manipulate Brazil Election – IOTW Report

Musk Delivering Red Pills to Masses; Notes U.S. Use of Social Media to Manipulate Brazil Election

CTH: We are still just watching, evaluating, seeing how this plays out, without making any determination about motive or intent. However, that said, Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk is beginning to go to the quiet places that no mainstream media has ever gone before.

Stunningly, with the recent discoveries of Twitter manipulating the free flow of information in the U.S as an example, Elon Musk now engages the discussion of how far social media platforms have gone to support the U.S State Department. Mr. Musks notes the ideologues within Twitter were engaged in tilting the outcome of the election in Brazil.

If this direction of inquiry is maintained, it is very likely people will find themselves at the origin of the U.S. Government working with social media platforms to manipulate political outcomes.  The origin of that relationship is the ‘Arab Spring’, specifically the uprising in Egypt and neighboring Libya in 2011. MORE

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  1. Here is what is being left out of the discussion: Progs knew Goddamned well they are being fed a line of bullshit by Twitter. The prog mind works this way – so long as they can point to someone or something outside themselves they will use it as license to force their abuse on others and then claim no responsibility whatsoever. My buddy’s fucked up sister, who was demanding everyone who wasn’t “vaxed” be denied participation in society and could cite chapter and verse of each and every thing that came down through the approved channels regarding Covid is now claiming “We were all fooled.” Which is self serving horseshit. The bitch wasn’t so much fooled as she is eager to accept as fact anything that gives the cunt license to fuck with other people’s lives.

  2. Every conservative talking head should be talking about AZ non-stop until it is over turned. Most have moved on.

  3. Being “red pilled” implies (to me) a rather immediate, dramatic change in political perspective. I don’t think most “blue” people are capable of such drastic change in beliefs at the drop of a hat, so to speak. Some may be but most will take a good period of time, if at all, to adjust to the reality and depth of the political power play of the left.

  4. @ Brad DECEMBER 4, 2022 AT 8:35 PM

    I had the inclination that the $40 Big was just what he was admitting to and the total that found it’s way to the Democrats and Republican establishment is more like a billion. The little fucker was instrumental in funding the effort to get rid of Trump and MAGA. The fact that none of the usual suspects have come out on this tells me that my intuition is not off by much, if anything it’s off by degree but not who the actors are. Look no further than Romney and Ryan to locate the Republican establishment kingpins.


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