Musk slaps “naughty” journo accounts: “You’re not special”… – IOTW Report

Musk slaps “naughty” journo accounts: “You’re not special”…

Revolver: Elon Musk suspended several high-follower lefty journo accounts last night after they shared his exact location in real time. He is especially sensitive to this kind of doxxing, since just two nights ago some Antifa psycho threatened a car carrying his son.

Musk jumped in a Twitter Space to explain the new rules, which make no special allowances for journalists: “Everyone is going to be treated the same.” Some think a temporary suspension is too lenient. MORE

6 Comments on Musk slaps “naughty” journo accounts: “You’re not special”…

  1. Like I have said for decades, never turn the other cheek to unrepentant progs. Slap back and use their own words, rules and standards to make them expose their blatant hypocrisy if they want to continue the discussion. Works every time.

  2. Musk understands the bastards, he’s been in close contact with them for decades. They expect you to be nice, or offer a measured response. Don’t do it, knock their block off when you respond and let them know you do not concede good intentions or sincerity to them EVER. You can’t be nice to them, they will see it as a sign of weakness and continue their abuse. It’s all they know. Get them off their game ad it’s curtains every time.

  3. JDH 12:19PM,
    In other words, Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals,
    #4:”Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    That hasn’t been done to the DeMSM until PDJT and a few new Conservative politicians. But it’s about time they got “taken to the woodshed”.
    I just hope that no DeMSM approaches me (not likely anyway), otherwise a’y’all will be contacting me through a set of gray iron bars.


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