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Muslim Tide Swamping All Boats

Pew Research took a look at current fertility rates and religion to make a few predictions of what the world will look like in 2050.


In short, there will be as many Muslims as Christians and fewer Atheist.



6 Comments on Muslim Tide Swamping All Boats

  1. There will be a war, first.

    Unlike their Profit [sic] cautions, they cannot just sit and wait to strike. No, the Religion of Peace cannot help but prematurely react to “insults” and “outrages”.

    Islam contains within itself a dialectic, which will be its ultimate undoing.

  2. Vermin do breed uncontrollably.
    If we didn’t have a pussy as commander in chief, this phenomenon could be corrected quickly. But no, we have to infect our country through open immigration with diseased vermin too.

  3. Must kill them – even if they convert, it’s a lie. And even if it ain’t a lie, how to be sure? In death, they can no longer lie.

  4. that’s why he calls it leading from behind – let his filthy friends gain as much ground as possible and deny it and it’ll cost Americans into the billions of dollars to return it to its rightful owners.

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