Muslim Woman “Harassed” By Customer Sounds Suspiciously Like the Muslim in the Exact Same Scenario a Year and a Half Ago

The video starts with absolutely no context or what went on between these two prior to recording. A man is seen being berated for making a quip about the woman “being dressed for Halloween.”

The woman goes at him like a fisherman after a sailfish, reeling him in and egging him on. After he says he doesn’t like that the Koran commands Muslims to kill non-believers (a fact) she launches into an attack on the Bible. (That’s okay, though.)

The video ends with the coffee shop worker not serving the man because he’s racist. The fact that the woman is in a hijab makes me wonder what “race” the dunce thinks is under there.

There was something that struck me as eerily familiar with this video.

Coffee shop –> middle-aged white man—> video starting with no context—> strident videographer sounding like a teenager. It wasn’t hard to find what I was looking for.

You tell me, is this the same woman? I think it is. If the videos are real, it took her a year and a half to bait another white guy into saying or doing offensive things to her. That’s not a bad record for the white guys!

She seems to be an activist that seeks and relishes these situations in order to upload them to Youtube in an effort to build a case that Muslims are oppressed so that more and more will be reticent to confront a Muslim when they deserve confrontation.

(Don’t dare, though, use the thousands of instances of Muslim terror and violence in order to paint with the same brush the Muslim will use to claim their is systemic Islamophobia.)

7 Comments on Muslim Woman “Harassed” By Customer Sounds Suspiciously Like the Muslim in the Exact Same Scenario a Year and a Half Ago

  1. Didn’t think the religion peace believed in cofeefee?

  2. Islam is not a race, nor is it a religion.
    The Koran does not require the Hefty garbage bag either.
    That abomination is required by the inbred needle dick men who are afraid somebody will steal their woman.
    Any woman who succumbs to Islam, without a gun to their head or a knife to their throat, are really dumb.

  3. I despise Muslims and progs. There. I said it. I will make my own coffee, thank you very much.


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