Muslim yogurt billionaire: ‘Hire more Muslim refugees’ – IOTW Report

Muslim yogurt billionaire: ‘Hire more Muslim refugees’

Not Americans.

CreepingSharia: Ever wonder why the federal government would be sending hundreds of foreign refugees to a relatively small town in Idaho?

Wonder no more.

chobani yogurt wants to hire nothing but muslim refugee

They’re sent there, many of them, to work in the world’s largest yogurt factory.

As WND previously reported, Twin Falls is in line to receive about 300 refugees this year, many of them Muslims from Syria. And the state of Idaho, despite its reputation as a mostly white, conservative farm state, has been a popular destination for refugees in recent years.  MORE

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  1. They’re locating muzzies in Idaho as a “test” to see how the locals (mostly conservatives) will respond. They figure if they can get away with this in Idaho they can do it anywhere. There is a resistance in Twin Falls but I doubt if they can do anything.

  2. The company owner is one of the Worst Family’s good buddies. Some time ago he received a huge no-bid contract from the gov’t to provide his smeg – oops yogurt to schools for Mooch’s pet project. Nice healthy yogurt loaded with tons of sugar. That will fix childhood obesity. No telling what extras will be in this now.

  3. He’s Kurdish but still a moslim. Why doesn’t anyone say that in America, we want to hire Americans? There are millions of Americans with little or no skills that would love a job at UPS. Why is UPS going to hire non citizens?


    My hair would be on fire is I lived in Twin Falls. Who is that House Rep? WTF is he doing? Is he on board with this shit? Why is the city management going along with this? They must be getting money form the feds.

  4. The Twin Falls “refugees” are building a multi-story concrete block building on the lot directly behind their “Muslim center” on Addison Ave. in Twin Falls. It won’t be used for making yogurt!

  5. Fedgov is forcing the Muslims on Twin Falls via the College of Southern Idaho as the conduit. Locals are powerless to stop it. The Muslims are now building a multi-story concrete block building in Twin Falls on the lot directly behind the Muslim center on Addison Ave. It won’t be used for making yogurt.

  6. Billy I can’t even imagine this working in Idaho. Idaho is a different kind of place. I know this cause I was hatched there. They are nuts. The mayor is insane and a grinning gladhander. Yuck.

  7. I bought a tub of this once years ago before I knew of the Motard connection. Honey something flavor. Opened it and it was filled with moldy God knows what.
    I thought it was fluke.

    From the info Sylvia posted it was probably a fluke worm and not a fluke.

  8. Boycott Halal

    I do not buy any product labeled halal. Some companies try and hide the meat is considered hellall.
    It’s a good idea to occasionally do a search of Moslem owned or Islamic businesses in your community and avoid them.

    If you shop in Cleveland be very careful when shopping at the West Side Market. Too damn many Pisslamists per square inch.
    I quit shopping there 20 years ago when I lived in the area after seeing a Moslem butchering chickens with a filthy knife and filthy clothing right on the street. He was using his bare hands. The legs, heads, etc he went and dumped in the gutter on the corner of W. 25th and Lorain.

    Putrid Pisslam.

  9. people still eat yogurt?
    I thought that craze went out with pilates.

    why would anyone buy yogurt? especially muslim yogurt?

    ever seen baby shit in a plastic cup?

  10. The first time – only time, I sampled Cobani yogurt it tasted strange and upset my stomach. Now I know why, it’s more than likely halal which is the barbaric muslim way to make food putrid.

  11. Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim
    Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.
    Lets have a look at the evidence:
    – No Christmas
    – No television
    – No nude women
    – No football
    – No pork chops
    – No hot dogs
    – No burgers
    – No beer
    – No bacon
    – Rags for clothes
    – Towels for hats
    – Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower
    – More than one wife
    More than one mother in law
    – You can’t shave
    – Your wife can’t shave
    – You can’t wash off the smell of camel
    – You cook over burning camel sh*t
    – Your wife is picked by someone else for you
    – and your wife smells worse than your camel
    Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”??
    Well no sh*t Sherlock!….
    It’s not like it could get much worse


    They’re not happy in Gaza ..
    They’re not happy in Egypt ..
    They’re not happy in Libya ..
    They’re not happy in Morocco ..
    They’re not happy in Iran ..
    They’re not happy in Iraq ..
    They’re not happy in Yemen ..
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan ..
    They’re not happy in Pakistan ..
    They’re not happy in Syria ..
    They’re not happy in Lebanon ..


    They’re happy in Australia .
    They’re happy in Canada .
    They’re happy in England ..
    They’re happy in France ..
    They’re happy in Italy ..
    They’re happy in Germany ..
    They’re happy in Sweden ..
    They’re happy in the USA ..
    They’re happy in Norway ..
    They’re happy in Holland .
    They’re happy in Denmark .

    Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim
    and unhappy in every country that is!


    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.


    AND THEN; They want to change those countries to be like….

    Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering…
    How damn dumb can you get?

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