Must Watch Ramadan TV: Mini-Daesh

Egyptian Television is running a special prank TV show called Mini-Daesh (Daesh is the insulting name for ISIS) during the month of Ramadan. An unsuspecting victim is lured into a house full of actors playing radical Muslims and then the fun really starts.

Opponents of the show have started a hash tag campaign #themoststupidprogramme and people throughout the Middle East are demanding it be pulled. More


Video -Watch for yourself and judge if it’s all just a harmless prank.

Note: full episodes are on YouTube if you want to get the full effect.  The clip is from the first show were they punked a famous Egyptian actress Heba Magdy.


16 Comments on Must Watch Ramadan TV: Mini-Daesh

  1. Whoever thought of this scenario should be shipped directly to Afghanistan and delivered to the Taliban.
    You want funny? Now that would be funny, Assholes.

  2. It’s sick and sadistic and I would expect nothing less from The Religion of Piss. As long as they only terrorize fellow mooselimbs with their sadistic pranks, I couldn’t care less.

  3. Good way to get yourself shot around these parts.

    No jury would convict you for defending from a threat like this. The video would sink them not help them.

    Causing mortal fear in another could have instant & permanent repercussions.

  4. I don’t know muzzie “culture.” Don’t know Egyptian culture (except for ancient architecture…whoa!).

    BUT: I *LOVE* the idea of LAUGHING AT ISIS…satire, humor and contempt are very powerful (non-military) weapons against a foe.

  5. How about playing that prank on Mr. Muz himself and Ryan also. Maybe they will stop playing good ISIS, bad Americans.

  6. Only a cult of sick, twisted assholes would do something like that, but I have to admit pulling this on Brian Williams and watching him ruin an expensive pair of white Zengas from Neiman Marc Up might be entertaining!

  7. Maybe they need to visit congress. So funny, huh. These idiots don’t get enough thrills from real terror, so in down time they do this!

    Maybe it’s getting the masses ready for the real thing.

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