MythBuster Keeps Parking Vehicles In Mission District, Discovers Stealing Is Real

San Francisco

Former “MythBusters” host Adam Savage currently lives in San Francisco and cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to having his stuff stolen.

In September, Savage said someone broke into his Toyota Land Cruiser and stole the whip from the show’s Indiana Jones-themed episode. On Saturday morning, Savage said someone stole the Land Cruiser itself.

“I’ve been parking it in the Mission for more than a decade,” Savage told SFGate. “To have two incidents in less than three months, it makes me think someone is sweet on my car.” More

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  1. Welcome to the real world, Moonbat. I guess human waste on the streets didn’t affect you but having your stuff stolen DID? I’m sorry. I just can’t get over that episode of MB where the two of you tools went to visit Obama drooling and fawning over that abomination of a president.

  2. Mythbusters is a bunch of crap anyway (just like most idiots still living in SanFran) … ‘let me prove this Medieval technology was a bust, as I use this acetylene torch & this welding machine … we don’t have a bellows forge driven by charcoal, so I’ll use this blast furnace… ‘

  3. I recall several years ago reading an online story about how Adam posted a picture of his new Jeep online. The picture had been taken in his drive way. The online story pointed out to him that his posted picture had the GPS coordinates to his house. I don’t know how that sort of thing works, but people seemed to agree the story was accurate and GPS data can be picked off a digital image if the wrong format is posted online by people who know how to do that sort of thing. Nothing like telling everyone where you live just before announcing on your TV show you will be away from home for a week on the other side of the country filming new episodes.

  4. Blink- Yes, I see people on facebook posting their photos which leave a map of their location. Facebook lets you ‘check in’ to a location, also.

    They can shut off GPS location on the phones (for photographs) but some people let that go, too. I mean, it ASKS you if you want to do that when you first get the phone (iCloud also) but a lot of people don’t pay attention.

    The saddest part is not only do some people broadcast their location, but take pictures of the front of their homes with the address number showing. lol. (on Facebook) Then they have the name of the town they live in, their email is available to the public, their phone numbers also.
    Then they can’t figure out why they got robbed.


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