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Naomi Biden’s stint in the Executive Chamber

EVIDENCE IT PAYS TO BE A BIDEN: Next Gen as Pawns in the Power Play?

ToreSays: Politics is a game where every move is calculated. Naomi Biden’s stint in the Executive Chamber was no random act but a choreographed play in the grand political ballet. One may never fully uncover the depth of the establishments’ influence, but remember in politics, there are no coincidences, only well-played strategies.

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Naomi Biden in Cuomo’s Office: Coincidence or Convenient?

In the shadow play of politics, it’s not the puppet on the stage that holds the real power but those who pull the strings from the shadows. Naomi Biden, amidst the dense fog of American politics, is a testament to this hidden chess game.

Naomi Biden -L

Biden – yes, that Biden name – while glittering in the limelight on one front, is making moves in the dark corners of New York’s political circuit. Enter Naomi, far from the camera flashes but right at the heart of the action in New York’s Executive Chamber in 2017.

Naomi wasn’t just any Legislative Assistant to the Governor’s Counsel Team; she was in the thick of it. Reviewing clemency applications, assisting in critical legal battles, and even pushing forward accommodations for Americans with disabilities – all under Cuomo’s watchful eyes. And, oh, did I mention that this was when New York was having arm-wrestling matches with the Trump administration?
We’re expected to believe that Naomi, with the powerful Biden brand behind her, didn’t hold sway in the office or at least be the eyes and ears for the establishment to and fro the NY Attorney General’s Office and others. Let’s connect the dots. more

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