NASCAR Tries Distancing Itself From “Let’s Go Brandon” – IOTW Report

NASCAR Tries Distancing Itself From “Let’s Go Brandon”

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Phelps also said NASCAR will pursue action against any illegal use of its trademarks on merchandise boasting the slogan. Retired baseball star Lenny Dykstra posted a photo on Twitter this week of a man eating breakfast at a New Jersey hotel wearing a black “Let’s go, Brandon” shirt alongside NASCAR’s trademarked color bars. More

25 Comments on NASCAR Tries Distancing Itself From “Let’s Go Brandon”

  1. the top motorsports series in the United States does not want to be associated with politics “on the left or the right.”

    You already associated with politics on the left when you went woke you bunch of morons….

  2. Remind me to take off my precious NASCAR trademarked color bars when I’m at the track and chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” when people are taking Twitter videos. Pfft.

    Standby for a NASCAR LGB Streisand Effect.

  3. I’d like to thank NASCAR for the free advertising, as well as all Socialist Media reporting on it. Your efforts will not be forgotten.

  4. Yawn

    I had comped tickets to a NASCAR event once, but had to beg off because I had more important things to do. Like rotate the tires on my lawnmower

  5. NASCAR died to me the day Dale Senior died. And Jr was a poor excuse for a wheel. And NASCAR management has no fucking clue about their market.

  6. The president* shits his pants around the world and is a laughing stock octogenarian asshole that’s out of his mind.

    “Let’s Go Brandon” is the nicest fucking thing one can say about him.

  7. Nascar WAS good to put on the TV After Sunday Lunch years ago.
    The sound of the engines would put the whole family to sleep in about 15 minutes.

    Now the 3 stage race interrupts sleepy time with talking and stupidity. So no more NASCAR after the Giant Sunday lunch.

    Boogety Boogety Boogety, And Fuck You Too DW!

  8. Oh, and the Danica rule, and the Playoff Chase, and Bubba Wallace, and The Car Of Tomorrow, And the 1 hours it takes to get the Last 10 Laps in…


  9. The Streisand Effect. Yes. As far as I know, NASCAR never had any official relationship with the chant. I never thought it did. The fans invented it.

    But now NASCAR will always be linked to it even though it’s now chanted at many events. Stupid, dumb, and brainless.

  10. Like the one guy said, when Dale Sr. died I have not been interested in Nascar since. No ruthless hard drivers willing to swap paint to win. Just a lot of going in circles until near the end and then a lot of wrecks due to stupid driving, not race driving. Hard to tell cars apart.

  11. Brandon Brown & that dumb NBC scrunt reporter should own the LGB website and sell merchandise. Let the bitch have a cut, she earned it by her stupidity in thinking people wouldn’t catch on.

    Brandon should have “Let’s Go” on his fucking race car.
    It’s an awesome movement, why not embrace it?

    BTW, If Trump runs in 2024 he needs to own that website.
    That is if biden* is still alive then.
    It would be crass otherwise…or would it?

  12. Bahahaha…. f*cking cvnts! It is hard to believe what a bunch of twats are running professional sports in general. F*ck all of em. I am pretty sure that I could go the remainder of my days and not give a shit about any sports outcome….. much less some f*cking sportsman’s vax status.

  13. Oh so supporting a full blown FBI investigation of pull cords that have literally been used in your garages for decades is not supporting a political point of view?

    Fuck you NASCAR…

  14. Turning left for hours on end is not exciting to watch.
    When they started pushing black drivers up the ranks and leaving good drivers behind because they weren’t dark skinned enough they lost their minds. Forced diversity ruins everything.
    Look at scouting.

  15. I dropped Nascar years ago. Only watch Aussie V8 Supercars now and have been since 2009. I like road courses, not just going left all the time. If/when Supercars goes electric or to gay ass paddle shift…which ever comes first…then I’m out. Racing, to me, will no longer exist.


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