Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty of Murder in Death of ISIS Prisoner in Iraq

Epoch Times:

A military jury acquitted a decorated Navy SEAL of premeditated murder on July 2 in the killing of a wounded ISIS captive under his care in Iraq in 2017.

The jury also found Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher not guilty of all other counts except for the violation of posing for photographs with a dead war casualty.

Gallagher reacted with “tears of joy, emotion, freedom and absolute euphoria,” defense lawyer Marc Mukasey said.

“Suffice it to say this is a huge victory,” Mukasey said outside court. “It’s a huge weight off the Gallaghers.” more

17 Comments on Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty of Murder in Death of ISIS Prisoner in Iraq

  1. Hold on. The SDNY will be investigating his bank records, credit card transactions, cell phone records, tax returns, and high school yearbook.. He must be guilty of something!

  2. And NOW is the time to whack the pee-pees of his mutinous crew who framed him and perjured themselves. They really, really need to suffer the consequences of their despicable crimes.

  3. All is not lost, 50 more chances for convection, a trial by a state on the same charges is no longer double jeopardy

  4. NOT FOUND GUILTY, HA!…..He should receive a Bronze medal and a citation for service to his country.

  5. How about prosecuting the REMF JAG boys for fomenting
    a bunch of lies to destroy a brave and honorable man?

  6. HOW does one “murder,” an ENEMY COMBATANT, ON THE BATTLEFIELD? 🤨

    PERSECUTIONS like this, illustrate WHY you shitcan EVERY officer O-6 and above, after 8 years of a CiC like Shitbama. 🤔

  7. Better Business Babe, Eddies wife, seems to think there’s a bunch of other war fighters in the same predicament. WTF? Paging DJT. End this shit, NOW.

  8. We play by the Maquis of Kingsbury rules. Everyone else plays for keeps. Ask LTC Allen West.

    Gotta believe those that testified against him are pissing their utilities about now.

  9. The job of the military is to kill people and blow stuff up.

    And you can’t prosecute them for it. That’s their job. That’s why we keep them around at all.

    Did you not want people killed and stuff blown up?
    You shouldn’t have used the miltary then!

    Because that’s their job. Don’t call them if you don’t want people killed and stuff blown up.

  10. Navy JAG officer: “DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED??”

    Chief Gallagher: “no I didn’t, you sorry-ass REMF.”


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