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NBC Asks a Neurologist

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Dr. Tom Pitts works with Parkinson’s patients in a clinical setting in Dayton, Ohio. His specialty is listed as Neurology Clinical Interpretation, and although he has never met Biden, he said he could diagnose him with Parkinson’s disease “from across the mall” — it’s that obvious. 

“Oh, yeah, I see [patients like Biden] 20 times a day in the clinic. I mean, it’s ironic because he has just the classic features of neurodegeneration,” observed Pitts. I don’t know what’s ironic about that, but let’s continue. More

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  1. Several years ago I had a neighbor ask me if I was a DAY DRINKER! When I asked why he thought that it was because he had observed me walking across the street to the mailbox and I didn’t look all that steady.
    I informed him that it was Parkinson’s which was just one of the many wonders bestowed upon me among several gifts by the Govt. with the assistance of AGENT ORANGE. The VA has been treating me for it as well as other issues, but the good news is unlike BIDEN I haven’t gotten to the shit my pants stage yet!

  2. “Mid-stage Parkinson’s, with dementia”

    “He undoubtedly has Parkinson’s disease, and is increasingly suffering from Parkinson’s dementia. The signs are unmistakable:

    -“his shuffling gait
    -the absence of associated movements (facial expression, arm swinging). When he does swing his arms, it appears stilted – probably because his handlers have told him to swing his arms when he walks. It’s something we all do naturally, but it goes away in Parkinson’s disease
    -gait instability
    -soft voice
    -ON and OFF periods – times when the medication seems to be working well, and when it isn’t (also explains how a good dose of Sinemet times right could get him more animated
    -resting tremor is not prominent in Biden’s case, but this is true of many cases of Parkinsonism

    “His physicians UNDOUBTEDLY know this, and it is unconscionable that we do not know this about his health record. I understand HIPAA issues, but this is worse than the Roosevelt secret – he couldn’t walk. At least he had his mind about him! Here we have someone with cognitive issues with his hand on the nuclear button.”

  3. Doc

    I’d rate you as in the top 99.9 percent of the most mentally sharp peeps I know. Which either means you have nothing to worry about or I’m just as fucked up as you are. LOL

  4. it isn’t really all that important to me, what is wrong with him
    he just ain’t right.
    have you ever been in a car that gets a ‘death wobble’ at high speeds? You don’t talk about what the wobble is, either a ball joint or a tie rod end, while the car is wobbling you towards your death. You stop the car and take it off the road.
    such is this
    and jill and hunter have their hands on the steering wheel
    its sort of like the ending of Thelma and Louise, with our country and future at stake


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