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Need Help? “Call A Crackhead”

WaTimes: Sen. John Kennedy’s latest campaign ad takes a swipe at anti-cop bias by telling critics to call drug addicts for help whenever they’re in danger.

“Look, if you hate cops just because they’re cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead,” the Louisiana Republican concludes in the ad released Friday. 

Mr. Kennedy, a former Democrat who switched to the Republican Party in 2007, opens the ad by discussing the surge in violent crime in Louisiana and criticizing the “woke leaders” who “blame the police.” 

5 Comments on Need Help? “Call A Crackhead”

  1. Need Help? “Call A Crackhead”

    BUT, the truth is, as our most awesome Sheriff points out, 99 percent of the time Law Enforcement is called after the fact. And we’re at least ten minutes away. You are your own first responder.

  2. Sen. Kennedy, you must be a crackhead YOURSELF. That line: call a crackhead for help, is total bullshit. There is another choice you leave out. Why?

    I would be happy to solve any problem MYSELF. You left that option out of your tired worn out itiotic statement. My friends DON’T TIE MY HANDS.

  3. Yep, DM Hunter for a fix. That’s the only “rescue” he’s capable of.
    BTW, don’t short him either, cause as The Big Guy says; “No one f**** with a Biden”.


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