SUV carrying Harris crashes; Secret Service initially blames ‘mechanical failure’ – IOTW Report

SUV carrying Harris crashes; Secret Service initially blames ‘mechanical failure’


Vice President Kamala Harris was involved in a one-car crash on a closed roadway in Washington, D.C., which the Secret Service initially misreported as a “mechanical failure,” according to a report.

The Monday morning crash has sent shock waves through the Secret Service, according to insiders speaking with the Washington Post. While the vice president wasn’t injured, the nature of the accident has raised the question of how such a careless incident was able to occur within the prestigious agency.

The SUV carrying Harris hit a curb of a tunnel with such force that the tire had to be replaced. The vice president was moved to another vehicle in the motorcade to reach the White House. more

27 Comments on SUV carrying Harris crashes; Secret Service initially blames ‘mechanical failure’

  1. “‘mechanical failure’”

    Really? Blown Tire? Blown Driver? Dropped tie rod? When the last time a mechanical failure caused a wreck any of us know about? Should be easy to document. Unless the driver has a hickey on the end of his dick. Typical bull shit out of the coup.

  2. It was the back seat cackling that drove the driver insane.
    Shame they weren’t driving over the Sunshine-Skyway bridge…

  3. Liberal logic:

    Trump can’t drink a glass of water or walk down a ramp.

    Trump climbed over an iron-clad vehicle partition and overpowered a trained Navy Seal, Secret Service agent 40 years younger than him to commandeer the SUV, even though he had NO control of the accelerator or the brakes.
    Why? To drive to the Capitol and hang Mike Fucking Pence!


  4. “… the vice president wasn’t injured …”

    That’s a shame.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “… the vice president wasn’t injured …”

    …I don’t see how the vice-president COULD have been, seeing as how that cacking cum dumpster is not and never was the legitimate vice-president…

  6. Yeah, vice president should have been in quotes or accompanied by an asterdick (heh heh).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. LocoBlancoSaltine
    OCTOBER 6, 2022 AT 11:44 PM
    “Definitely not the same planners who took out Lady Diana…”

    …The Queen planned THAT, is why. The one decent thing she did in her long life.

    But royalty excels at planning assasinations.

    It’s usually how they got the job in the first place.

  8. Here’s a thot about that SS driver… since they love to promote incompetence, promote that man to AF-1 Pilot PRONTO ASAP!!

  9. Commieliar panicked, thought the sun had died and grabbed the steering wheel.

    “It’s just a tunnel” shouted the Secret Service agent. “No its a black hole” screamed the Vice Resident.

    “Just like your brain, common sense, and morality” thought the agent..

  10. I have a theory. Maybe the clowns were trying to get rid of her by taking satellite control over the car? But they’re incompetent as usual so they missed up.


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