Nefarious Motive In Pushing Everyone To Become Part of The Vaccinated “Herd”


The leftist pattern of framing your demand for individual freedom and liberty as selfish, has permeated throughout the COVID narrative.  The vaccination demand now carries the exact same compliance narrative as the leftists blend vaccinations with the term “herd immunity.”

The current media talking points say that if you don’t take the non-FDA approved test vaccine, you are selfishly blocking a national effort to attain this “herd immunity.” More

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  1. Erick Erickson comment on Twitter (I know, but lately he has been rather quotable):
    “If the experts now believe we won’t reach herd immunity, we’re probably already there.”

  2. “Herd Immunity” occurs from a NATURAL process of catching a disease and then healing from your own immune system. It DOES NOT come from an artificial vaccine designed to alter your DNA.
    Once more liberals are talking out of their collective asses.


    Maybe the Woman couldn’t live with the lies anymore?

    Doubt it. Fuck em!

  4. If they make the goals unachievable they can justify moving the goalposts… forever.

  5. My response to leftists:

    4 Q
    Fork you
    Pound sand
    Stick it where the sun don’t shine
    Sit on it and spin
    Yuck Fou

  6. WHY in the HELL is there any reason, what-so-ever, that we should give even the slightest shit about what democrats/Marxist/liberal/commies have to say???

    They have CONSTANTLY proven themselves to be habitual LIARS, CHEATERS and SCOUNDRALS. TOTTALY UNTRUSTWORTHY.

  7. It’s not just “herd immunity” they’re hawking, it’s also that somehow everyone getting the jab will slow the mutations and make them less severe. And they’re saying this even as they expect everyone will have to get yearly boosters. What complete bullshit. Again, hard pass on any jab.

  8. Was told that if I didn’t get the shot that I must not care about other people. I thought I had made that pretty clear already.

  9. So this is the first time in the history of earth that herd immunity can’t possibly be reached without intervention. The race is the damage being inflicted is becoming too immense to cover and they know they are starting to lose the war. They are moving on to kids and hope to get 10 million of them vaccinated this summer and I now a lot of lunatics that can’t wait to vax their kiddos.

  10. A fake Vaccine for a fake Virus.
    Vaccinated and “periodically boosted” = Billions for big Pharma.
    What will the next mRNA have in it?
    “But without a better carrot or a bigger stick”
    What do you bet it will “bigger stick”, or mandatory to do anything they control.

    In The Year 2525, or 2025.
    Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies
    Everything you think, do, or say
    Is in the pill you took today

  11. If conservatives can’t kill us all with their guns and cigarettes, they’ll kill us with their Covid. Mandatory vaccinations now!!!!!

  12. LtheL
    If democrat socialists/communists can’t kill us with taxes, insane legislation making us criminals (gun control) or imposing herd mentality for vacinations, like all other socialist/communist governments they’ll use “their” guns to murder, or force us into re-education camps to starve millions.

  13. It reminds me of the man with the “work for food sign”. a few very merciful citizens will tolerate this kind of absence from civil society and donate to the mans demise. the majority will ignore the man and his message, knowing his lack of credibility within his message is only a ploy to further his addiction. i believe a majority of those refusing the vaccine (myself included), do not recognize the current authority as valid.

  14. A wise man once said, when someone points a finger at you remember they have three pointing back at themselves.
    Where did this virus come from.
    Who created it.
    Who should be held accountable.

  15. I’ll pass on “The Jab”…..

    I think it’s great that the Chad’s and Karen’s along with all the leftist socialist DEMocRATs are getting “Jabbed”……

    I hope there’s not going to be that extinction die off that Bill Gates and all the elites have been asking for….

    Patriots…….stay safe.

  16. Never thought I’d see the day conservatives acknowledging the usefulness of the FDA….but here we are. Remember, Trump purposely wanted the vaccine out without going thru the usual FDA trials. So, pick your poison, people.

  17. The real reason leftists are pushing this vaccine with such fanaticism will be interesting to learn eventually.
    It will come out. Whether it’s money, chips, herd control….
    Leftists are like the bad guys in movies who always have to tell everyone how clever they think they’ve been.


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