Neil DeGrasse Tyson Declares It Might Be Too Late To Save Ourselves

In typical liberal fashion, Neil DeGrasse Tyson isn’t going to let this year’s hurricanes go without tying them to “climate change.” That’s right, famed astrophysicist and all around know it all (that’s because he’s a “scientist”), went on CNN yesterday and declared that “we might never be able to recover.”

The guy’s got some nerve accusing others of “cherry picking” the research for a political agenda.



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  1. Everything that is happening now is astroturf to justify a planned mass kill off by neglect or mass “terrorism”.

    The climate cult wants to consolidate power and control; not because they love mankind and want to save it because they have an insane hatred of mankind and want to kill off anyone they deem “unworthy”. Sound familiar?

  2. degrasse like bill Nye is a d!ck. both are one world promoters. degacey is a clown. all the science shows have been co-opted by the progressives of which degraced is part of.

  3. Great year for liberal fear mongering. Better milk it – could be another decade or more before the stars line up and deliver another good hurricane season for the US.

  4. He speculates that we don’t have the ability to move a whole city, but the evidence say we do: Almost the whole state of Florida picked up and moved elsewhere in a week’s time! He has no faith in human abilities to confront and overcome disasters.

  5. Just for the record, Tyson has zero publications in scientific journals in at least the past 3 years. This used to be called “dead wood” in academic parlance, or politely referred to as “resting on one’s laurels”.

  6. Gotta hunch he’s Affirmative Action. And yes, we’re in trouble. A large percentage of the population has turned against God. An unaffordable number of people chose to collect money from the government rather than from an employer. Our nation is bankrupt and Washington DC thinks we can spend out way out of bankruptcy. Too many citizen vote for a living instead of working for a living. The main stream media is corrupt to the core and wields too much power. Ditto for teacher’s unions. Yes. We’re in trouble.

  7. To the extent that NDT is able to promote Science to the general public, I can appreciate his efforts. However, we must always remember that his field of expertise is Astrophysics, and not Climatology.

  8. He’s no different than the people who walk around screaming ‘the end is near’!!11!
    and who absolutely know for a fact that the world is going to end on Sept. 31st. Shut up. Just shut the fuck up.

  9. But how can he know the date that Rossie O’Donnell and Michael Moore will both try to roll to the same side at the same time?

    The man truly is a genius.

  10. – My, oh, my, the sky is falling. I must run and tell the lion about it, – says Chicken Little and begins to run.

    Has evolved into

    – My, oh, my, the Earth is warming/cooling/changing. I must run and tell the media about it, – says Neil DeGrasse Tyson and begins to run his mouth.

  11. A real journalist would have asked him:
    If the overwhelming majority of scientific evidence points to AGW, why was it necessary for so many researchers to falsify the data?
    Why was the climate data always corrected upward?
    Why was the earth both warmer and cooler in the past, before the industrial age?
    What is the ideal temperature for earth?
    Why are you such a dick?

  12. MJA, of course you know there is no Sept. 31. So how are we all gonna die on what would be Oct.1. And some Christian jerk has absolute undisputable truth (again) that the world in going to end this Sat. on Sept.23 and we’re all going to be raptured. Sure I’ll believe that when I see it, some jerk like Hal Lindsay etc. has been saying this crap for so long that no one with an ounce of brains takes them seriously any longer.

  13. @Vietvet:

    …we must always remember that his field of expertise is Astrophysics, and not Climatology.

    Quite true. Ironic, isn’t it, that there are astrophysicists who believe that the Earth’s climate change is mostly due to inconstancy in our sun’s heat output. That’s NDT’s precise area of study, purportedly. Have any commenters here ever heard NDT address solar variability as a driver of climate change? I haven’t, but I don’t pay much attention to the guy.

  14. OK, for starters, a warmer globe will open up much more surface area on the planet to thrive on than will be swallowed by rising sea levels. Think Siberia, Northern Canada, and even Antarctica. Mining, Lumber, land to farm.
    But warmth is not in the cards. All those Consensus idiots are wrong. The guy that really runs the energy cycles on Earth is good old Mr. Sun, and he is going into a new mode for a bit, and that translates to colder weather.
    Earliest snow in Montana in 60 years the other day. Every single Arctic Ice breaker ship is being used for commercial shipping, leaving all the global warming science expeditions back on land, because there is too much ice.
    Then there’s the almanac that predicts a series of cold winters ahead with cooler summers.

  15. This clown is a butt buddy of Al Gore. He is so impressed with himself, he does not know what to do. The only consensus is there is no consensus. The most consensus for it is found among grant writers who make a living from Glloobull Whorming.

  16. “If it’s too late then why bother?”

    Exactly. The nonsense of it all needs to stop.

    I was thinking of something along the lines of Lazlo’s opening comment.

    The first thing I brought up about this, to a very liberal customer so many years ago, was that no one ever mentioned that there would be benefits somewhere. “Benefits?!” he said with a shocked face. Some place that hardly got rain will get rain. Some place that was hard to live in will become habitable. For all we know, the Sahara will need to be re-named to something that doesn’t mean desert any more. It is impossible for it to be all bad. If it’s true, we all get the benefit of Gore’s property being swallowed by the sea. Sounds good to me!

    When I mentioned all the cities found underwater he got quiet. The sea level has not always been the same and it won’t be like it is now forever – because that’s how it goes. Like said above – adapt or die.

    For crying out loud, I was 9 or 10 when I accepted the world is in constant change. No beach or mountain is the same forever. It doesn’t work that way.

    How to wake the fools up to this scam for world domination is the real question.

  17. @Dadof4 – Time scales. Immensely different time scales. It is impossible to get a progressive meatball-brain with the attention span of a fruit fly to understand that there are natural geophysical processes that take place over thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or more, years.

  18. “…we don’t have a civilization with the capacity to pick up a city and move it inland 20 miles…”

    So we can’t move a single city, but we can change the climate of the whole earth. Do you even listen to yourself, Neil?

  19. Uncle Al

    About 4,400 thousand years, by my reckoning. And changed quickly, to boot.

    Of course, I believe a world wide flood put them underwater. Empirical evidence. They are all on the Continental shelf that was closer to beach level back then. It wasn’t a slow creeping up of the sea level by millimeters per year. Much, much quicker than that.

    Some shit happened quickly that year.

  20. OK, Neal, There’s no way I’m gonna take you seriously unless you walk the walk. Sell your cars. Move into a tiny house. Go vegan and start growing your own vegetables. Then get back to me.

    (Don’t tell him but it won’t help.)

  21. The most recent ice age ended about 10,000 years ago. There were several others before that recurring on approximately similar cycles.
    As little as 6000 years ago there were sabertooth tigers in the L.A. Basin (immured now in the tar pits.)

    Now, THAT is climate change.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the WEATHER.

  22. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was an undefeated black wrestler in his senior year
    in high school. Team captain in a poverty district where no one wrestled. This guys been told he’s GREAT since he was 17. How could that many people be wrong?

  23. You know what’s missing these days, and has been for quite a while. Every Wrestling Coach, Football coach, Track Coach, I ever had, use to say, “Son, you gotta learn how to lose before you learn how to win.”
    Absolutely True.

  24. Then take away all funding for climate change/global warming and use it to help make people comfortable in the time we have left.

  25. IMHO, NDT is making the difficult transition from pure Science to what I would call Science Show Biz, which is the only way you can sell Science to the masses and make a little money at the same time. Kinda like Carl Sagan and Bill Nye, but with less humility and more actual smarts, respectively. And everybody knows that to make it in any kind of show business, you gotta dance to the Liberal piper. He’s not stupid, after all.

    So… bottom line, who knows what he really believes about climate change in his heart of hearts?

    (Yeah, I know – De Shadow do.)


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