Neil Young’s Malibu House Burns

As the official number of victims in the recent out break of wild fires in California climbs to 31 this morning,  the flames also consumed Neil Young’s house. More

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  1. Barbra Streisand’s Oceanfront Estate at Point Dume in Malibu, California.

    Please Please Please Please Please

  2. Somewhere in Sacramento, Governor Moonbeam just picked up the mic and said, “Wow… over to you in the governor’s mansion, Gavin.”
    The next 3 or 4 months, they’ll be blaming each other for this fire.

  3. I don’t wish anybody loss of property, however with 200 plus people still missing from the Camp fire, and 31 now confirmed dead, his big overpriced house seems trivial.

  4. Hate to see anyone’s house destroyed by fire (especially a preventable fire) but why’s a Canuk got a house in California? If he’da built his house in Canukistan there wouldn’t have been no fire!
    (I think they outlawed fire – y’know – bad for the environment – and shit)

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Anonymous- exactly why every time some utility or a business gets sued for enviro BS, they need to come to court with videos of them blaming global warming. lol

  6. Have they found the illegal alien pot smoker who fell asleep and started the fire yet? It can’t be lightning. California has controlled weather with legislature.

  7. That part of California has ALWAYS periodically burned as has the entire continent of North America. What’s different now is hundreds of thousands of homes are in the way there built by people who KNOW it will burn again.

    Up here in the NW, the same phenomenon exists with people building in flood plains KNOWING floods will occur again.

    We have a massive Darwin Award Winner list across this country. And I have little sympathy for them.

  8. “Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning…”

    Neil Young (1970, from the After the Gold Rush album)

  9. Southern Cal man, better keep your head
    Don’t forget what Algore’s book said
    Climate change gonna come at last
    Now your houses are burning fast

  10. In the early ‘60s I stood in my school playground and watched the Bel Air Fire crest the Santa Monica mountains. The only thing that has changed is there are now more homes where before there was only manzanita brush.

  11. “Brown is blaming climate change again. Well if it’s climate change then I guess PG&E is off the hook!”

    Except for the CalFire pilot who spotted the fire when it first started and the downed power lines. I believe his exact words were, “We have 45 mph sustained winds and no access to this fire. This is going to be a major event”.

  12. Does anyone remember the guy in SoCal about 20 years ago who saved his house from the brush fire by clearing the brush (duh) away from his house? Then he got fined by the state or county for…clearing the brush on his own property.

  13. Seems that all of the “Holier than thou art” Socialist Hollywood Demonrats home’s all burned! Must be Karma…

  14. Hope all the houses were insured! If you think fire is a joke, strap on a flamethrower. aim
    it away from you and pull the trigger, the heat level will rise by 3000 degrees.
    Fire is not funny!

  15. I’m sorry there are God-loving American patriots losing their homes, livelihoods and maybe their very lives.

    As a Southern Man you see.

  16. Didn’t anyone ever tell Neil that morons never prosper?
    Even if climate change had a speck of scientific poop, er, proof, you would think some non-morons might want to clean up the dry fuel in forests and hillsides as an “insurance” policy. You know, just in case.

  17. As long as those politically correct liberals get away with blaming a non existent boogeyman they’ll never face reality. They’ll continue becoming victims of their own belief. Will never learn.

  18. As far as I am concerned he got his dessert well done for being a jerk to anyone who doesn’t meet his low expectations. Maybe he wasn’t smart enough to havefire insurance.

  19. I seem to recall California types mocking the people of TN who lost everything 2 years ago in the wildfires. Said it was God’s punishment for voting for Trump.

    Well then. Karma is only a hateful bitch if you are.

  20. “I seem to recall California types mocking the people of TN who lost everything 2 years ago in the wildfires”

    Dude, that part of Northern California is as, if not more, conservative than any place else you will find in all other 53 states.

  21. Neil Was Helplessly Hoping the fire would be Down By The River ….

    and NO – It’s not wrong to laugh at Neil.

  22. Anyone who builds a mansion in the slopes above Malibu is asking for it, and might forfeit their lives for making such a dumb decision. But they keep doing it. Insanity rules in California.

  23. I’ve been a Neil fan since I was about 12 when he was with Springfield. Up to a point I had his entire collection, plus hundreds of hours of live recorded performances and studio outtakes. I’ve studied his style more than any musician, and even as a rank amateur I can play better than two hours of his stuff live. To say I am (was) a fan is an understatement… I saw him 12 times in the year 2000 alone.

    I agreed with is politics when I was younger, then I grew up. I bought all his stuff up to “Silver and Gold,” then “Living With War” came out and that horrendous 2006 CSNY tour went down and Neil went off the tracks completely. Fuck him.

    I’ve read his two latest books and he’s certifiably infested with every evil liberal philosophy one can muster. It must be really hard to believe all the shit in his head about climate change. When he left Pegi and took up with Hannah, I was finally able to agree with David Crosby for once: she’s a predator and Neil fucked up.

    I just hope he got his Martins out before the flames hit the house.

  24. Is this the house he bought from Daryl Hannah for 3.6 million dollars before he married her, or was this the “ranch” he left to Pegi when he left her? I have been a fan of his music for as long as I can remember, and have seen him in concert a half dozen or so times. His philosophy and politics, I don’t agree with however. He has never become a naturalized U.S. citizen, despite living here for over 40 years. And fire is nothing new to him, having had Lincvolt and the warehouse it and other belongings stored there burn down a few years ago. The loss of life is the real sad issue in all of this.

  25. Neil I met you at Juliens Auction, I asked for a hug and you said ok.That made my day and so much more. I know you will rebuild , this time lets build out of Masonry.Let me know if I can help in any way. I would love. And around the corner, there is an angel to help

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