New Attorney General’s Past Marketing Firm Work Will Be Scrutinized

Before joining the justice department in 2017, Matthew Whitaker, the new attorney general sat on an advisory board of an invention marketing firm, World Patent Marketing. Whitaker apparently did marketing work for the firm and is owed money by them since being shut down by the Federal Trade Commission in 2017. There are estimates that World Patent Marketing scammed upwards of $26 million from clients. More

Get ready for a deluge of stories like this one. Here

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  1. Oooh, He didn’t own a piece of the company, he was paid 10k, made a 30 second video for them, AND he told a client the company would sue if they slandered them. WOW. Lock his ass up. This is just as bad as the clinton foundation…Oh no wait, it’s not. lol.

  2. “Another customer, Steve Harris, had a different opinion. Though he wants Whitaker to turn over any compensation he received so that it can be distributed to those who lost money to the company, he believes the new acting attorney general, too, was scammed. Harris, a North Carolina resident who came up with an idea for inflatable bumpers that would block items from rolling under couches, noted that Cooper once asked him to become a board member and said that the alleged conman “manipulated everybody.”
    “If Mr. Whitaker was guilty of something, I’d be the first one to jump on top of it,” he said. “But he’s only guilty of being victimized by someone who’s really good at victimizing a bunch of people.”

    Crystal Carlson, who was also duped, agreed. She said in a statement that like the customers who gave their money to World Patent Marketing, Whitaker was victimized by Cooper.

    “He was able to convince thousands of people that his company was a great company and that he was doing great for the American inventor,” she wrote. “Unfortunately Mr. Whitaker was victimized into allowing his face and name to be used for this scam. That should not be used against him.”


    OK some of the customers think he (whitaker) was used, too. the thing is, the dude was paid 10 grand. So WTF is this giant ripoff claim the left has on him? Garbage.

  3. I read all about this on Wiki yesterday. They revised his entry in about 5 minutes after the official announcement and it painted him in the worst possible light.

  4. There’s a (I think) District court judge (a black woman) who was in the news (online) a couple of days ago as someone under consideration. She had a beefy resume. I’ll try to find the article. But she was out of CA, so I was a little skeptical. Knee jerk on my part, probably.

  5. I always view this sort of thing as another example of the most skillful scammers not being tolerant of the continued existence of any other scammers of lesser talent. Doesn’t matter to them if their target is actually a low talent hustler that got caught or just someone framed by the MSM as a scammer. A camoflauge stradegy is to attack all might be scammer to distract others from looking to closely at their activities.


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