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 New Boeing Whistleblower Comes Forward, Company CEO Will Soon Testify


Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT) office announced another Boeing whistleblower has come forward as the company’s CEO prepares to testify before Congress on Tuesday.

“The senator’s office identified the employee as Sam Mohawk, a quality assurance inspector for Boeing in Renton, Washington,” ABC News reports. more

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  1. “Mohawk alleges that Boeing is cutting corners by losing track of parts that have been labeled as non-conforming or not up to design standards, according to Blumenthal. Sometimes these parts get a second chance because they can be fixed or were mislabeled, but often they should be discarded. Still, the parts sometimes end up in newly built airplanes, Mohawk said, according to the senator.”

    Wow. This is my world. It’s what we do. So the first big problem I have with this is this statement. “or not up to design standards”. Whether it be their internal machine shop or an outside vendor design integrity is not our responsibility. We make it to the criteria provided. You can try and prove it out of spec. Our job is to meet spec and prove it. But design integrity is above our pay grade and quite frankly a really dumb thing to allege.

    “Sometimes these parts get a second chance because they can be fixed or were mislabeled”
    Mislabeled? Bull Shit. At this point in time I’m thinking this guy was actually cleaning toilet seats.
    “can be fixed”. Not unusual. And most of the time when this occurs it’s a matter of tenths of thousands on a precision bore.
    This guy doesn’t sound legit. Obvious bull shit slinging. He’s either some idiot that was not very good at his job that want’s his 15 minutes or a dem plant.
    Just my opinion.

  2. This is a witness for one of the greasiest politicians that’s ever become a millionaire at our expense. Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s. And you trust this witness? If you do I have a bridge for sale.

  3. Brad is right. I think that there is something else going on with this whole Boeing narrative. It was looking like a witch-hunt to me for a while now. While I have no doubt that there is some corruption and corner-cutting at Boeing, as there is in almost every large enterprise.

    At this point, I’m even willing to consider the possibility that the “suicides” are frame-ups. By who, I can’t say. But the pattern of incidents indicting Boeing includes too many maintenance problems which somehow become Boeing’s fault. And the media, as usual, goes along with the sensational narrative they are fed. Again, I don’t know who might be doing this, but something is off with this whole Get Boeing” thing.

    There must be a mighty struggle going on behind the curtain. It may involve our MIC and the intel community. It may involve Airbus or other plane manufacturers. It may involve China. I don’t know. But as I have said before, I take nothing that is presented in the media at face value, nor should you.

  4. When the media gets their marching orders they march. I first noticed this way back when they were focusing on three wheelers and ATVs injuring people, every night on the news.
    Heaven helped you if it’s on you.

  5. “When the media gets their marching orders they march.“

    In rigid goose step. It would be comical if it weren’t for the people, careers and businesses they trample.

  6. geoff – Anyone who claims stolen valor is a scumbucket in my book.

    Yes, and that includes plagiarism and false claims… one big reason Jackass Joe is hated by many!
    It’s looking more and more like Boing took a Wrong Way Corrigan that caught up to them and is bitting them in the ass!

  7. ^^^@LBS

    Are you referring to the 737 autotrim accidents now several years past? Or the 787 issues with some fasteners more recently?

    Article is immediately suspect because it refers to a job title “Quality Engineer” which, unless things changed in the last couple of years, was an obsolete job title for the last 10-15 years.

    As for the 737 crashes, I seem to recall that one of them had a mis-installed attitude vane, performed by airline maintenance, and pilot corrective action was in the training by Boeing. For a similar example, see ‘Airframe’ by Michael Crichton.

    As for Boeing, give me 120,000 people, and I can find some people wanting their 15- minutes of fame.

  8. Thirdtwin

    There’s another possibility. Boeing has two different distinct markets. It’s commercial side, and it’s military side. If they take down the commercial side the military side will perish too. I’m going with China.

  9. I’ll second what Brad said: cui bono.

    Fear the godless and those who believe in reincarnation. China or India, don’t rule out Europe.

    China most obviously as their Comac C919, 787 Mini-me, could be bumped up in international certification if they raise thier standars, or like slimeballs throughout history, reduce the competition to their level.

    Short term, Airbus wins.


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