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New Contest!

Would you like to win a signed copy of one of Mary M. Isaacs’ books? We have been running her stories for years, and the website, Proof Positive, is having a contest for their readers that they are offering us to join.

The site says that the contest is for their readers only, but they will run a separate contest for us. Follow the instructions at Proof Positive and when you send him your email, be sure to say, you are from “iOTWreport” in the Subject of your email so your entries will be looked at separately.

If you want to peruse her six books of short stories, visit our left-hand sidebar and click on the image of the books, โ€œChrist Child’s Lullaby and Holy Innocenceโ€.

Good luck!

1 Comment on New Contest!

  1. Some old contest question(s) :

    How does one play if one has no email to apply to?
    Or a phone for that matter?

    Past reply responses indicate some think that scenario is not possible. Nobody can live without a phone or email. It’s not possible.

    What do we do now. What do we do? We who don’t do that?

    Off Topic
    Just came to me . . .
    How can a statement also be a question? Which punctuation point prevails? Which ASCII ranks in desending or ascending order? The ?.!

    More Off Topic:
    ?.! is a old thing now new again, or not

    Back On Topic: Not Me. IAMAIACK?.!

    What can be done for those with no email or phone that want to give you stuff for stuff?

    Hey Back Off Topic:
    What do Big Companies like Elons do about that?
    What if one wants to give Twitter money in exchange for being able to post on a created paid for account and do so without an email or phone? It is possible you know. It was done for hundreds of years back in the old days.

    I need to know.
    AM I ‘required’ to own a phone, pay for ‘secure’ not-free email, also pay for not free internet (which can be done without a phone or email address) and have to have ALL the above in order to send you $8 but I also have to give you all my personal, private, business and everything related information such as credit card number, banking and routing number etc etc etc.

    All the businesses I do business with that live on business, take cash. Is that still legal and allowed? I hope Elon Musk can address this business question and customer bases.

    Last Off Topic: In reviewing all the above with some logical problem solving skills, one thing has been determined to be true. There is only one profession that is the common denominator. Bankers fingers seem to own a lot of hands.

    ON Topic: Claudia and Mary know that this rant has nothing to do with their wonderful works. Just table talk over soup or coffee or desserts. Thank you for your time and stuff.


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