New York City to spend $50 Mil on “security infrastructure,” 1,500 steel street barriers

Geller Report: New York City Mayor “Red Bill” de Blasio ended a successful program that had stood several court challenges, of surveillance of mosques and Muslim communities in the New York City area. Since then, we have seen several jihad terror massacres and attempted massacres in the city, and there will be more. And so now this tool is spending fifty million dollars on barriers that will just make the city uglier and more difficult to traverse. He is tacitly granting the reality of the Islamic terror that he denies, and just trying to minimize the damage it will cause. He ought to be impeached and the surveillance program reinstated.

Saifullo Saipov, the truck jihadi who killed eight people by driving his truck onto a Manhattan bike path, attended a mosque that had been under surveillance. He could have been stopped, were it not for de Blasio’s politically correct pandering to the Islamic community in New York.  read more


10 Comments on New York City to spend $50 Mil on “security infrastructure,” 1,500 steel street barriers

  1. Getting rid of the ruling Liberals is Free, I’d start there.
    But New York City is full of slow learners, torturing themselves with their own bad decisions !

  2. He’s fucking it all up….he can sell advertising on the jersey barriers…..”These 200 feet sponsored by Mohameds school for driving” ….”Eat a Falafel at Eddies”….”Kid blow up? come to Edith’s house of Orphans”….

  3. Time to re-watch Black Pigeon Speaks on Diversity Walls and Vibrant Enrichment:

    FYI willysgoatgruff …..adoption is forbidden in Islam sice Muhammad wanted his adopted son’s wife and made him divorce her so he could have her. Yes, one can and is encouraged to care for an orphan, but it is only as an act of kindness and there can never be any legal relationship.

  4. Allahu akbarriers. They have them in Europe. Liberals always wanted to be just like Europe and now they are one step closer.

  5. I can’t feel sorry for the idiots in New York . The idiots in New York wanted the socialist mayor . So know suck it up

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