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New York moves to install panic buttons in stores to prevent crime


On Friday, the New York State legislature passed a law requiring most of the nation’s largest retail companies to install easy-to-access panic buttons in their stores or provide employees a switch that would enable an alarm and notify emergency services. However, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer with 4,700 stores, has come out strongly against the law on claims that panic buttons trigger false alarms. more

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  1. And panic buttons would stop/prevent crimes……how?
    Most everybody (even those on welfare) already have their own personal panic button.
    It’s called a (wait for it)…….cell phone.
    Another overreach expansion of Gooberment that makes people feel good, does nothing, and costs too much of the taxpayers’/consumers’ money.

  2. Sure, let’s install panic buttons to notify “emergency services” who probably won’t respond; or if they do, the perpetrators are probably gone; or if they aren’t gone, they will be released with no bond and be given no jail time even though it is their 372nd conviction.

  3. Loss prevention associates should have the ability to Lock The Exit door to keep looters from escaping.

    Pushing a button for an alarm that does nothing but call the police who arrive to the store 20 minutes later, the perps would be 15 miles away.

  4. Thats pretty funny, but I suppose it will be a nice revenue stream for municipalities in NY.

    First, things like buttons and screens mean nothing if theres no one to monitor or respond to them. Think about back when car alarms were popular and would activate when a truck drove by, making your neighbors car scream bloody murder from 1 to 3 AM because no one paid any attention to it.

    It will be like that.

    False alarms will make it worse. As an Human Machine Interface (HMI) designer, I have to be careful to not have “nusiance alarms” that go off for minor, self-correctiong conditions or transient conditions because if the thing honks too much for nothing it will get ignored; so when something SERIOUS comes up, no one looks until its too late.

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf plus Normalcy Bias or the tendency to not really believe something BAD is happening can combine to put a responder to sleep.

    Until someone ends up dead.

    …on the subject of false alarms being PROFITABLE, I cant speak to how police responses work but I CAN to how fire responses work, and I imagine its similar. There can be statutes about how many false alarms are considered “permissible”, and once that number is exceeded the City starts billling. This is for a couple of reasons; one, so the facility has an incentive to get a handle on the cause, and two, you HAVE to assume every alarm is GENUINE and send the whole house party until proven otherwise. This isnt free and carries risk and liability every single time, so if a business doesnt seem to attempt to resolve the issue this both incentives it and helps recoup multiple deployment costs of emergency assets that may GENUINELY be needed elsewhere at the same time. Part of that cost then can be Mutual Aid, where municipalites have agreements to cover each other when one is already deployed elsewhere, and there is usually a billing agreement for that too, as it isnt free for the mutual aid department either.

    Also, more ways to call 911 doesnt make more dispatchers to answer them. I work in a fairly populous county, and at most times there are a half-dozen dispatchers covering the whole thing. This is such an issue in the age of cell phones that CPR classes now incorporate instructions that ONLY ONE person call 911 to keep the dispatch from being overwhelmed, leaving everyone else free to film it for YouTube clicks and posting on WorldStar later, because people will cell phones SUCK. Ive had a dozen or so downers Ive responded to in these Jab ruined years, and not once have I been in direct contact with 911 as someone generally called already and I could relay through them and concentrate on the issue at hand, no need to throw MY iron in the fire.

    There are other things like duress alarms and special contacts in cash trays that already exist, but this is already too long so suffice to say that notification is NOT the main problem here, but increased notification certainly has lots of potential to make the problem WORSE…

  5. whell…ppp…p… Hows about the state(government at whatever level) begin prosecuting and punishing crime as was customary up until say FIVE MINUTES ago! You fucking fucks get your fucking heads out your fucking asses! You cause these problems then make people answer in money and time for things you created! Go straight to hell in the handbasket you devised you unGodly creeps!

  6. Another pointless gesture by the worthless shitlibs. If you want to get crime under control again, then make thumping scumbag negro skulls common again. That’s the only way this shit is gonna stop. The Ns don’t grasp reason nor trust based economies. You may as well try to reason with seagulls to stop stealing your hot dog at the beach.


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