New York To Start Issuing Driver Licenses To Illegals Tomorrow


New York’s Green Light Law, signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this year and expected to go into effect on Monday, will allow illegal immigrants the opportunity to apply for driver’s licenses. That’s despite the effort of several county clerks.

A full 50 percent of the New York clerks oppose the law. More

18 Comments on New York To Start Issuing Driver Licenses To Illegals Tomorrow

  1. OH, NOES! They’re going to allow differently documented United Statesians, to buy permission slips from The Party, to be out in public!? On the public ways!? How DARE THEY!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. I wouldn’t be opposed to this if licenses issued to illegal aliens said in large letters across the whole front

    | * ILLEGAL ALIEN * |

  3. They will, of course, all have the required insurance and face legal repercussions if they don’t.

    I’ll be here all week.

  4. @ac – I don’t know “triforce” except as related to Legend of Zelda, although I’m not a gamer.

    The alignment is simply the result of the monospacing you get with
    the <code> text </code> tag.

  5. They wouldn’t drink & drive would they ???
    Just sayin’.There are lot of dead families here
    in Texas from some mestizo 18 year illegal, drunk out of
    his mind running from the police in a 4000 pound
    truck at 100 MPH…

  6. How about placing non voter on the license? This is just a tool of Traitor Bill’s unconstitutional motor voter.

  7. So only actual citizens are urged and prodded to use public transportation because of CO2, dead polar bears and GRETA! Now illegals (differently documented – HA!) can use all the personal cars they want. Their farts don’t stink and their cars don’t give off the dreaded CO2. Wish leftists would make up their small minds.

  8. New York—
    Where the state cares more about ‘illegal immigrants’, (driver’s licenses and voting), then they give-a-shit about it’s own legal citizens, (firearms for self protection).

  9. Illegals are notorious for eliminating, “the surplus populations”, primarily with death by motor vehicle. Doesn’t matter to the left whom that includes, just as long as they’re in control and implementing destructive polices.

  10. 43 States will stop accepting NY DL’s without addition ID and NY to suddenly have 3 million more votes for the DNC.

    BTW: illegal immigrants make up 18% of all immigrants living in New York City.

  11. And when said illegals begin crashing INTO the citizenry, the citizenry shall begin issuing them BULLETS, in return. 😡

  12. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, the herd will be slightly thinned by resulting collisions.

    My thoughts about the 2 tiered justice system always go to Kate Stienle and the look on Donald Trumps face.

    That picture says a hundred thousand words to me.


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