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Newsom Declares April Arab American Heritage Month


Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) issued a proclamation on Saturday declaring April as Arab American Heritage Month.

Newsom’s statement comes as anti-Israel protests and encampments have sprouted up on university and college campuses across the United States, calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, for the U.S. government to stop arming Israel, and for colleges to divest from Israeli companies. More

21 Comments on Newsom Declares April Arab American Heritage Month

  1. Arab American Heritage Month, just spit it out, this is anti-American – anti-Israel bullshit to destroy the Judeo-Christian way of life. You can take Allah and shove him up your rear orfice..

  2. This is great, and long overdue! We need to pay homage to the Arab-Americans who came over on the Mayflower and helped…what? You say there weren’t any? Oh. Well, how about giving thanks to the Arab-American Founders who signed the Declaration of…Huh? None of them, either? Dang. OK, then, what about all those letters home written by Washington’s troops enduring the hardships of Valley Forge but being sustained by the beautiful morning calls to prayer sung by the muezzins in their makeshift minarets? No such letters?!? I could have sworn I saw a Harvard catalog offering a course on that.

    OK. Ahem. Yeah. How about we do an Arabian Race Horse Day?

  3. Isn’t Newsome a little late in proclaiming Arab American Heritage month on April 29th? Now let’s see him cancel Pride month in June, not like that’s going to happen. Why don’t we just cancel all of the PC event months, now that’s a good idea. Let a month be a month without some bs politically correct event embedded in it.

  4. A Theodore Roosevelt quote comes to mind,
    “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism…….”

  5. NO way am I participating….

    Let’s watch how the Arabs celebrate homosexual day, gay pride day, the 52 different ways of non-gender/gender or whatever it is day.
    It’s ALL SHIT and anti-American

  6. There is one important contribution Arabs made early in our history. Because of the need to put troops on the ground to stop the Barbary pirates from seizing American ships, we created a pretty cool mini-branch of the military called the Marine Corps

  7. And the Arabs also were gracious to lend the name of their capitol, Tripoli for the Marine Corps hymn .. cause you needed a three syllable word to end the second line, which would also rhyme with “land and sea” in the fourth line

  8. Most of Americans probably don’t know that Arab muslim slave traders were responsible for most of the slaves being brought to the US and to South America.

    So apparently the democrats, who claim to be against slavery (these days, after supporting it throughout history), who also want you to pay slavery reparations from your hard earned money, are now setting up a whole month to “honor” those responsible for slavery, something they want to convince you they oppose.
    It is just like the Nazi party honoring the Nazi killing squads.

  9. A Jew financed the American Revolution (look it up). Twenty years later, Muslims from North Africa started attacking American merchant vessels, selling the American sailors into slavery. Jefferson took care of them (Barbary wars). So we’re celebrating who’s heritage, now?

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