NFL Network Airs Several Nude Bengals Players

Albert Breer’s NFL Network interview with Adam Jones after the Bengals’ win over Buffalo today was… interesting.



13 Comments on NFL Network Airs Several Nude Bengals Players

  1. I think the dressing rooms should be off limits to everyone except the team. I’m not bashful or shy but what are a bunch of strangers with cameras and microphones doing in there anyway?

  2. That white dude with the big ass reminds me of something an old timer told me many years ago. He was talking to a kid with an ass like that (and keep in mind I have no ass at all) and said: “Son, you must be gifted…you don’t need no sledge hammer to drive a Finnish nail, you must be toting a railroad spike”

  3. YES! Nice tight ends although Andrew Luck’s butt shot from last year was better.
    I am highly offended because the video simply wasn’t long enough for me to get a real eyeful. It must be sexism….

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