Obama Regime: Owners Of Aerial Drones Must Be Registered


BlurBrain: The Obama administration, faced with a surge in unauthorized drone flights, will announce a new initiative on Monday aimed at registering the owners of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), people familiar with the matter said on Friday.

The announcement is expected to be made by U.S. Treasury Secretary Anthony Foxx and Michael Huerta, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, at a news conference attended by members of the drone industry.

Two sources who were informed of the plan said the administration will announce the formation of an independent advisory committee with the goal of creating the structure of a federal drone registry by December.


26 Comments on Obama Regime: Owners Of Aerial Drones Must Be Registered

  1. first registration and then Hillary will want to confiscate them…kinda like some country, somewhere….awhile back…

  2. Well shucks, apparently I need to make modifications to my Telemaster with 9-1/2 wingspan built back in 1986 overpowered to haul a 12 pound mini-VHS 480×320 interlaced vidja camera.

  3. I can see it now: Kids being hauled before the court for not registering their rubber-band-powered balsa wood glider, the kind you can hold in your shirt pocket before assembly.

  4. As long as all drone owners realize that the airspace over my house belongs to me, and I only suffer satellites and airplanes out of a congenial nature and an urge to participate in a civil society.
    Bees, wasps, certain birds and all drones are subject to my will.
    If it lingers over my house I will interpret this as a hostile move and down it (Fishing pole line and a sinker).
    Then you either pay my exorbitant ransom or suffer the endless shame of me selling the parts on e-bay

  5. So my pre-teen grandson who is acquiring a boatload of knowledge by building one from scratch, including printing the circuits, will now be undermined.

    Why the h3ll don’t the feds make the teenage bomb I mean clock maker register his clocks.

  6. Nigger Please! This be 2015 in the most technologically advanced country the planet has ever known.

    The “drones” (Nigger Please!, these are RC helicopters) that can screw with aircraft are controlled by WiFi from smartphones.

    Put up just a few Reaper DRONES around airports. Tell the ELINT (radio snooping shit the military uses, trust me) package on the Reaper, find me a smart phone and an aloft helicopter that’s around passenger aircraft talking to each other.

    It’ll do that in a thrice.

    Then tell it to lob a Hellfire missile at the smart phone. It’ll be DELIGHTED to do that. It is a killer robot after all.

    You do that five or six times, ain’t NOBODY gonna’ fly their Chinee quad rotor anywhere near commercial air traffic.

    They find some place far from commercial flights to play with their toys.

    I deal with solutions, not problems.

  7. I’m actually okay with owners being required to register their drones……as long as Registered Drone Owner #1 is listed as one “B. Hussein Obama”

  8. Sigh….*adds drones to shopping list* Guessing I’ll be getting mine BEFORE December. I hear these are often tragically lost to operator error, aggressive birds, and drunks blasting them out of the sky because they feel threatened by a toy. So when Mr. FAA shows up, that’ll be why I didn’t register because my drone(s) got lost. Much like the gun I used to have that fell into an old mine shaft when I was taking a leak on the way to the tree stand. I miss that gun.

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