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NHL Puts LGBTQ on Ice


According to multiple online reports, the NHL has effectively banned the use of rainbow colored hockey tape used to show support for Pride and the LGBTQ+ community for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

The NHL, of course, made a policy change regarding the use ‘special interest’ jerseys for the upcoming season banning the use of Pride jerseys, Military Appreciation jerseys, Hockey Fights Cancer jerseys and other special interest jerseys. Today’s news regarding the Pride tape, however takes things to the next level. More

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  1. There seems to be an inordinate amount of barn door closing after the cow has gotten out going on lately. I hope this is an indication that the pendulum is swinging back with vengeance.

  2. @Wild Bill: Sort of. It’s more like old-school cloth electrical tape, (friction tape, to be exact). It’s wrapped around the blade of the hockey stick in the sweet spot of puck handling in order to give more control over the puck.

  3. I bet most of the players did not want to use that tape, but we’re pressured into using it by the same kind of marketing people who put Dylan Mulvaney on Bud Lite cans.

  4. The more inflammatory Cherry became, the more criticism he received. The more he was criticized, the further he went. The further he went, the more popular he became. The more popular he became, the bigger the ratings. And the bigger the ratings, the more profitable Coach’s Corner became, which made it nearly impossible for anyone at CBC to pull the plug — assuming, of course, that the network ever wanted to pull it in the first place.

  5. The tape is old school cotton athletic tape or the old school electrical tape, also known as friction tape. We used to heat them up over a gas stove burner and put a custom curve in them too. You have to get them good and hot and have a way to really crank on them.

    I remember one of the coaches at Lakewood Ice Arena used to ask: What kind of pussy are you to let him get away with that shit when you are standing there with a good solid piece of ash in your hands.

  6. Where in the Hell would you even go to buy Rainbow Hockey tape?

    Black is BEST, it slightly hides the puck position before the shot.
    White is fine, and anything else is showboat bullshit.

    Cause I give a Puck…

  7. JDHasty,

    You can buy a Don Cherry Jersey that is Plaid, with a Tie, & White high collar shirt print.
    They are Hilarious & people love it when I wear it to the Leaf Games but you will never make it on to CBC TV wearing it.

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  8. 30+ years of working in the hothouse of idiocy that is corporate American tells me that the reason we’ve had the globohomo philosophy rammed down our throats for the past decades is that some group of asshole billionaires seeded some NGOs with cash to come up with ideas on how to lower the global population, and one of those ideas was turning as much of the population as possible into fucking faggots and dykes. And it works with about 20% of the population if you get them young.

    It’s not even an original idea. It was put forth in the Joe Haldeman science fiction series, The Forever Wars, where soldier fighting off planet and spending much time traveling at near light speed end up living through thousands of years of human evolution in a decade long military career. One of the things the central character lives through is a phase where being a homo is normal, and men and women who are sexually attracted to one another are the “weird” ones.


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