Ninth US tourist dies at Dominican Republic resort

17 Comments on Ninth US tourist dies at Dominican Republic resort

  1. shut it down, it’s no better than santa anita race track in arcadia.
    quit going to the DR to die when you can do it here on your home turf.

  2. And still no reports of Europeans being afflicted? They’re claiming mosquito control products are to blame, how does that work?

    Maybe it’s best, if you’re that stupid to go despite all the news of deaths then Darwin will be happy to make your reservations.

  3. Now Go Do
    That Voodoo
    That You Do
    So Well!

    which movie did that line come from?
    Extra credit for the characters name. No search engines!

  4. Okie wins it!

    So when will the burrowed-in Killary/ Kerry holdovers in the State Dept issue a GTFO notice for the Dom Rep?

  5. Why do humans keep going down the same road over and over just to end up at the same dump as their dead friends???

  6. First thing we were met with when we stepped foot onto Dominican soil, were women selling voodoo dolls – pins included. These people never left their tribal roots, third world shit holes. Beautiful hotels set on beautiful beaches with a fence around it to keep the locals out. Do you think the locals like catering to rich people while they live in squalor? They don’t have to live in squalor, it only takes a broom, a bottle of bleach and garbage cans to keep your living space clean. That’s what’s coming across our borders. The homeless here are no better, they’re ALL cut from the same cloth.

  7. MJA – and then there is “dock that Chink a day’s pay fer nappin’ on the job!”

    And don’t forget “Qualifications?”
    “Rape, Murder, Arson and Rape.”
    “But you said rape twice?”
    “I like rape!”
    “ha-ha-ha! He’ll do!”

    “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”


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