“No Borders” Activist Gang Raped By Border Jumpers

She was ordered to stay silent because it would “hurt their cause.”


16 Comments on “No Borders” Activist Gang Raped By Border Jumpers

  1. Here’s the moral question: Who is worse, the Sudanese rapers or the activist colleagues? I know what my answer is, but the brainwashing is so complete, she didn’t.

  2. Yes…but *only if* her reporting the rape actually follows through with her pursuing the logical thinking process…and THAT is deeply, DEEPLY suppressed in Leftists.

    “Stockholm Syndrome” is both a candy and an entertainment arena for the Leftist mind.

  3. Publish her name so she can take credit for the “free love” she enabled these deprived to enjoy! I can smell the altruism from here……..

  4. The border jumpers raped an entire activist gang?
    Well, we know what whores leftist activists are.

  5. What I’ve actually grown to hate, though, is going to sites like Breitbart.com, where pop-ups cover the page and force you to wade through them to try to get to the story. It’s gotten to the point where when that happens I just automatically say “to hell with this” and hit the back button.

  6. I simply do not visit Breitbart any longer. Period. Haven’t for months now. When I see a link that interests me I do an internet search and find the story at a different source where I can actually read it.

  7. “… ordered to stay silent …”

    How bout “Fuck you very much!?”

    Rape is a crime, not a political statement.
    (or at least it used to be)

  8. Not that I’m glad she got raped. No one deserves that show of brute force and control.
    But actions have consequences.
    The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences cannot be revoked or appealed.

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