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No, Karen, we’re not masking again

A winning GOP message for 2022 & beyond.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest confused pronouncement about masks is another blow to the embattled agency, whose track record hasn’t been exactly brilliant.

For months, the CDC has married a god-awful communications strategy with a determination to cater to the most irrational whims of the paranoid, triple-masking urban gentry: the whims of the archetypical Karen, in other words.

The latest stutter-step is an embarrassment for the public health establishment and for a Team Biden left trying to explain what the CDC meant. But there’s also an opportunity here for Republicans heading into the 2022 election: The GOP should run as the anti-lockdown party — the anti-Karen party. more

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  1. When I first saw the pic thumbnail?

    I thought it was going to be about the feckless general getting off the plane on a tarmac somewhere…can’t remember his name or where it was right now…

    He has mask AND a effing plexiglass shield on?!

    Yes…we are in that much trouble…hate to say it…

    But…it’s true.

  2. Nice thought, but that would require the establishment Republicans to grow a set of cajones.

  3. Mr Glover July 31, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    I believe that is the current sec of defense

  4. That’s General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and, yes, he called him a pig because he is.
    He’s the one forcing critical race theory on the armed forces, and, yes, we are screwed, blued, and tattooed.
    I would like to take this opportunity to say that “Tucker Carlson did not kill himself”.

  5. If only they masked while wearing their assess chaps in Provincetown…

  6. The Karen’s of the world have turned the Kung Fu Flu into a mental illness. 🤪
    Not masking and not vaxing. 😏

  7. @The World is Laughing at US

    THanks…like I said…spineless…

  8. Just got this from My Friend in Sydney Australia.

    Hi Bob how are you doing? Enjoying your freedom there in Florida! Hope so. I’m living through a lovely situation of a mandatory lockdown in 8 districts in Sydney and I live in one. Can’t leave the house only to get food, must sign in when you go to a shop, can’t go more than 3 miles from your house otherwise you’ll be arrested and fined, can’t go to work so now I’m using up my annual leave, lockdown been already 5 weeks and won’t finish to August 28 if it’s not extended.
    Police patrolling the streets, in cars and bikes plus helicopters army has deployed soldiers to knock on doors to see if you have illegal visitors. I never thought I’d see this in Australia 🇦🇺 well anyway I’ve finished my rant take care.

  9. Not sure why I upthumbed @bobcat’s post. I have been hearing about Australia turning into a penal colony. It’s very depressing and foreboding for us here, too.

    This shit needs to be rejected with extreme prejudice.

  10. Unfucking believable…..And scary.

    Really glad I still have my firepower.

  11. @PHenry – “…I have been hearing about Australia turning into a penal colony…”

    Going back to their roots? Only this time, not populated with criminals, with the exception of the politicians running the country.

  12. Bobcat

    Make no mistake, they are going to try it here. I am convinced.

  13. Walked into a local store this afternoon and was there for over ten minutes before I realized that EVERYONE — except me and two other shoppers — were wearing masks! Just last week the same store and no one was wearing masks! What the hell?!

    The shelves are emptying out again, too.

  14. I personally believe that no-ball eunuch establishment RePUBElickens don’t lack courage.


  15. @Sam I Am – you mean “whiney”, not “whinny”. Whinny is the sound a horse makes.

    You’re welcome, always happy to help a libtard navigate the intricacies of the English language. Seeing as how that is one of many subjects they stopped teaching in the woke public school systems.

  16. Oh and BTW, stop giving yourself a TU. Self promotion is considered in poor taste in a civilized community.

  17. “Sam I Am” is most likely on some serious medications. Mentally damaged. Anyone going off the rails like that, in love with joe biden and is in the covid cult needs serious help. I mean, ‘it’ keeps changing its name as if it’s fooling someone. It keeps copy/pasting liberal nonsense and saying the same shit over and over. So bizarre. Maybe it’s a biden relative. it would explain so much. Even bots aren’t that disjointed.

  18. Sigh, iOTW has chosen to remove the troll. I’m sure they have a good reason, but I rather enjoy playing with the trolls. They are such easy opponents. Maybe that is why – they’re too easy, and it’s not fair. Oh shit, iOTW is getting PC? Naaaaahhhhh, I don’t see that happening.

    What I do see happening is me talking to myself. Well, at least I won’t criticize myself.

  19. No psycho lib gets to comment here ever again. Taste of their own meds.

  20. Especially the ones that get triggered by corona virus posts.
    WTF kind of brain malfunction is that? lolol

  21. MJA – I understand your reason, but let them stay long enough to play with for a while and then delete them. I mean, we have to keep our self tuned up for confrontation, I mean, dialogue.

  22. No, they don’t get to talk. Just like we don’t on Facebook.

  23. I’m trying to find a compromise here, otherwise, you’re no better than CNN, MSNBC and that ilk.

    Let ’em stay long enough to get bloodied and bruised and then sweep the trash off the site.

  24. I’m torn regarding trolls.
    They stand NO FUCKING CHANCE WHATSOEVER in the arena of ideas and we can dispatch them with utter ease.

    Likewise, this platform is under CONSERVATIVE control.
    Therefore, turnabout is fair play, delete these motherfuckers to hell.

    I’m fine either way…
    I’ll gladly bloody the bastards joyfully & handily.

  25. So I’m supposed to let a lefty troll here and take it, for whatever reason, but when you go troll on CNN or any other place you mentioned, they don’t allow it. Why is that?
    See, the Right has been taking abuse and never fighting back since Bush.
    But if we give them a little taste, OUR side bitches???


  26. “Let ’em stay long enough to get bloodied and bruised and then sweep the trash off the site.”

    And then you’re left with a bunch of threads of you guys talking to yourselves. lol

    Try that on the sites you mentioned. See how far you get.
    Look who is president right now.


  27. “I’m trying to find a compromise here”

    That’s the problem. There is no compromise with the left.
    It’s over.

  28. I quit giving any attention to the “karens” of the CDC and their stooge-accomplices years back when it was discovered the virus which causes aids was a deliberate act-hoax by big pharma and their money-driven collaborators, many of whom were/are within the US military.

  29. @MJA
    Agreed, while it is fun to poke the trolls, they need to be dispatched forthwith.

  30. Okay, I’ve slept on it. Agreed, no compromise no trolls. They detract from the dialogue. If you can’t have a civil conversation with them – which you can’t – remove them.

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