Chinese Studying The Use Of Magnets And “Nanoparticles” To Heat Shrink Testes As Male Contraceptive – IOTW Report

Chinese Studying The Use Of Magnets And “Nanoparticles” To Heat Shrink Testes As Male Contraceptive

Study Finds

For men looking to avoid getting their partner pregnant, there are basically two options — condoms or a vasectomy. Now, scientists are experimenting with an unlikely third option, magnets. A team in China has developed a long-lasting and biodegradable male contraceptive which uses injections of nanoparticles and magnetic fields to keep men from reproducing.

Their study tested this concept on male mice, examining the effectiveness of two different kinds of nanomaterials entering the body. The process involves heating the nanoparticles after magnets help to guide these tiny particles down into the testes. Once there, they act as a contraceptive as the heat shrinks the testes and inhibits spermatogenesis. More

24 Comments on Chinese Studying The Use Of Magnets And “Nanoparticles” To Heat Shrink Testes As Male Contraceptive

  1. They’ve already neutered half the United States. And without a single magnet.

  2. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a bunch of Hillary Halloween masks?

  3. There once was an amorous man named Frick
    Who had magnetic balls that would click
    From a magnetic field
    His privates he would shield
    So metal wouldn’t attach to his dick

  4. Can’t they just slam their nuts into a microwave oven and set to Hi for 10 minutes?

  5. @Cynic:

    There was a young man of Assizes
    Whose balls were of different sizes.
    One was so small
    It was nothing at all;
    The other won numerous prizes.


  6. By the way, What did Big Mike use?

  7. There once was a commenter named Vietvet
    Who’s humor was as funny as one could get
    the jokes he told
    Never got old
    He’s not done making me laugh yet

  8. They’re the only people I would trust to mess with my junk.

  9. You’d think there’d be a gall bladder or something from some nearly extinct species they’d try first.

  10. Those Chinese investigators ought to do some in-house testing of the contraceptive value of razor wire penis rings.

  11. should be great around 5G
    I remember the poster that used to always do the “Gee, wally…” thing. Anyway-
    Gee, Wally- they’re developing a ‘long-lasting and biodegradable male contraceptive’ for men. Aren’t they the same guys that are paying families to have more kids? Think this is for them or us, Wally?

  12. I noticed they never said anything about being reversible. They use the word biodegradable, which may give the impression that the process can be halted if the patient changes his mind, but I suspect once you roast your nuts, they stay roasted.

  13. ^^^ …never said anything about being reversible…”

    I’s pretty sure soros or somonne of his ilk will come out with magnetic toilet paper or something. Might be thong underwear with magnets. Maybe it will be musk, and he’ll put a battery in it.

  14. We are all biodegradable. Once the ladies stop laughing I am well aware there is no need for contraception.

  15. Chinese already have a micropenis,might as well have a pair of raisins for nads.

  16. @Anon

    Asian ladies will tell you the Asian man’s dong is about the size of a western guy’s little finger.

    They shrink-wrap that junk anymore, it’ll disappear.

  17. @Dr. Tar

    Thanks for that. It could almost be an anthem for Creationism.

    Except it can all be explained – God dun it all.

  18. I really doubt they tested this on mice balls. They eat them.

  19. Seems like the chicom men have ‘heat-shrunk’ their own teeny-tiny private parts attached to bodies which resemble 10 year old boys. Chicom men are the height of laughable underdeveloped muscles with shriveled women who present with shapelessness and no hope of appearing as live adults. pity.

  20. I find liberal women work best to kill the urge!


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