No One Dispatched By Biden To Receive Korean War Dead Remains

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The president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, and his wife, Kim Jung-sook, flew to Hawaii this week to personally return the recovered remains of six U.S. soldiers from the Korean War in a solemn ceremony at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam…

The Biden administration, however, sent no one to the ceremony, which also involved repatriating remains of now-identified Korean soldiers to their homeland.

That five-sided military building did assign an admiral, who was very professional and respectful as a military man but not a government rep. More

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  1. He doesn’t really care about American war dead as proven by his total disregard for the thirteen American soldiers he let be murdered in Afturdistan!

  2. Jackass Joe didn’t send anyone because South Korea is an enemy.
    Whoa… wait-a-hold-it! The Enemy?
    Yup, to China.
    Remember who controls Jackass Joe!
    Makes sense now, uh?

  3. If Trump had done this you can imagine the outcry in the media and Congress.

    But Trump would never do such a thing. He’d probably pay to have surviving family members flown to Hawaii to be present at the ceremony.

    For Biden, it’s just an administrative detail for a mid-level manager to handle. Plus it sends a nice signal to China that the US is not going to interfere in the emerging Chinese Pacific co-prosperity sphere..

  4. Fuck the executive, this is a DOD job. And just my opinion, we should have sent the ranking NCO of one of the services to receive the remains. The flag rank officers are political.

  5. It’s really for the best that these jerks didn’t be spoil the ceremony with their presence.


    Welcome home, men. America honors you.

  6. Unless someone was able to penetrate the fog and tell him directly and repeatedly, it’s likely he had no idea the ceremony was taking place.

  7. Another slap in the face from clueless leader. Joe is turning out to be a spectacular failure, beyond even my most wildest dreams.

  8. Biden’s father, who is the father of lies, probably told him not to go. After all Biden probably could be in close proximity to a real catholic even if/especially if dead.
    I believe the remains of the Rev. Emil Kapaun had been in Peal Harbor sometime but were given to the family in the same ceremony. At least that is the way I understand the story, not certian.

  9. BTW KAPAUN was awarded the medal of Honor, The transfer of his body alone should have been enough for the President, or at least a high ranking official of the administration, to be there.
    Side note today is one of those days I wish the edit button was still available on this site.

  10. Anyone who thinks Jackass Joseph Stolen is a spectacular failure needs to consider that to those who are trying to destroy the United States of America he is a spectacular success! This grinning imecile has been granted ultimate power and has turned into a virtual torpedo!! They are decieving the people under the cloak of Stupidity!


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