Nolte: 7 Trump Haters Who Love Them Some Blackface

Before we get started, there’s a second photo of Justin of Arabia.

And the New Democrat Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh called Trudeau’s blackface photos and videos a “troubling” and “insulting” slap at Canadian minorities. And he laid some other comments of condemnation down nice and thick.

Also, why is Trudeau darker than regular Arabs? 😳


Social Justice Warriors not only don’t care about brown and black people, they despise brown and black people. In fact, these oh-so woke Social Justice Warriors are the true supremacists in our society, the neo-imperialists determined to use central government as a tool that will shape and control the lives of black and brown, and all people everywhere.

These supremacists want to convince black and brown people to put them in charge so they can then assume command of every aspect of our lives, from our healthcare to our faith to population control that is specifically aimed at black and brown populations.

And when you are dealing with a supremacist mentality, with these malevolent tyrants who believe their condescending paternalism makes them above reproach and criticism, eventually, under the assumption they are untouchable because they are so noble and good, they will reveal their true selves, they will seek to prove just how above reproach and criticism they are by committing an act that says, “See, I’m so not racist I can do something terribly racist and it’s not racist!”

We see this time and time and time again…

While these people fabricate quotes and deliberately take things out of context to smear President Trump as racist, Alec Baldwin is calling people “fags,” while Joe Biden openly praises segregation and segregationists, while the New York Times hires Nazi after Nazi after Nazi, and Elizabeth Warren basically uses “redface” to advance her academic and legal career.

And then there’s the blackface…

Next year I’ll be 54-years-old. I went to high school during the go-go eighties. Never in my life have I been at a party or any event where someone wore blackface. The idea of wearing blackface was utterly foreign to me.

But that’s my fault.

Obviously, I didn’t party with enough left-wing Democrats.

And while no one should be surprised that the Party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, and partial-birth abortion is still sporting blackface, it does at least reveal their arrogant supremacism, for they are the ones attacking everything and everyone as racist, the ones calling things such as border enforcement racist … as they prance around in blackface.

Here’s an updated list of these supremacists:

  1. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 

Trudeau, one of the whitest men alive, did not wear blackface decades ago, he wore it in the New Century, in 2001!!! And he did it more than once, which defies the bad judgment argument to reveal a true moral lapse.
See the rest (fixed link)

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  1. Too bad the whole article was about Jagmeet Singh a race card throwing hard-left leader of the New Democrat Party. His bullshit act about not saying anything at first until convinced by a friend just put him in place to hammer Trudeau and all those other white racists Canada is so overflowing with. Trudeau’s a douche and should have know better but Singh and the rest (lefties, Liberals and the Media) are trying to play this up like a witch hunt. What this bastard wants is a minority Liberal government with himself and his NDP calling the tune.

  2. Yes America, this is the ASSHOLE that represents me and my country all over the world!

    Please. please. please.

    Cross the boarder and help liberate Ontario and Alberta!

    My Flag has been hanging upside down since the night he was elected.


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